Pokemon GO's Easter Event Temporary Egg Chart Update

Today we've got a new Pokemon GO Egg Chart that includes all the Pokemon known to hatch from eggs with the latest update to the game. Over the weekend all of our most hardcore Pokemon GO friends will be involved DEEPLY in the Eggstravaganza. During this egg-related event, the egg cracking ratios will be different from what they were before the event, and almost certainly different from what they will be in the near future.

The event started yesterday – early on in the day for some users – and goes until the 20th of April, 2017. This Eggstravaganza is centered on eggs without mentioning Easter directly. But we know better! This event has several perks, the lot of which will allow users both new and old to make their Pokemon GO player a whole lot better over the course of the 7-day period.

This event has a change made to XP – acquiring XP has been doubled. Every move that'd normally give the user twice as much XP. This includes Lucky Eggs, which normally give the player 2X XP – they now give the user 4X XP. Lucky Egg costs have also been cut in half for the duration of the event.

Eggs Aplenty!

Users will also find that the contents of Pokemon Eggs have changed ever-so-slightly. For players that don't often get around or out of their own biome, this could mean a whole lot of new Pokemon. The list of changes is included in the gallery below. These images come courtesy of the user Deurbell from The Silph Road, a fine Pokemon GO community indeed!

There have been some extra-rare Pokemon appearing in 2KM eggs as well – it's possible, however unlikely, that the 2KM egg contains every Pokemon in the game. Every Pokemon thus far revealed, that is. The list below comes from a very special egg discussion on Reddit which we certainly encourage participation in!

• Aerodactyl

• Dunsparce

• Eevee

• Elekid

• Girafarig

• Grimer

• Growlithe

• Kofffing

• Lapras

• Larvitar

• Lickitung

• Magby

• Miltank

• Onix

• Phanphy

• Rhyhorn

• Scyther

• Shellder

• Shuckle

• Skarmory

• Smoochum

• Sneasel

• Stantler

• Sudowoodo

• Tangela

• Tyrogue

• Wobbuffet

• Wooper

Pidgey Madness!

To prepare for this event, we made recommendations that users attempt to boost the amount of pidgeys they had onhand – and the amount of candy they carried, as well. A strategy to make the most of the candy and experience gained from this event involved (and still involves) evolving a pidgey, closing the app as the evolution begins, re-opening the app, and repeating the process. It's a little more involved than that, but that's the basic step-by-step.


The event this week is one for grinding. That means that making the most of this Easter means getting out and walking, and walking lots! Make it a fun deal – give your phone to a tiny child when they're about to run out and find Easter Eggs. Make the Easter Egg hunt a hunt for cracked Pokemon Eggs. Make this an event to remember, for the whole Pokefamily. Just don't avoid your family to seek out the eggs – unless they're making you do some sort of Easter Egg-stuffing. That's a bunny rabbit's job!