Pokemon GO's best Pokemon are in the code today

Today we're having a peek at some Pokemon GO code to identify an awesome bit about the future of the game. Today we're taking a peek at Celebi and Mew, two of the most powerful Pokemon in the game – most powerful not yet released, that is to say. These Pokemon are a part of an elite few Pokemon that will not be available in the wild. They'll be popping up by other means, only!

First, we'll have a look at that elite list – the most updated elite list as it stands today. This is the list of Pokemon in the game, but not ever available in the wild. These Pokemon are either only available as Pokemon Eggs or as evolved types of Pokemon. Think Eevee, think Baby Pokemon.

Pokemon in the game but not in the wild:

• Pichu (egg)

• Cleffa (egg)

• Igglybuff (egg)

• Togepi (egg)

• Espeon (evolve only)

• Umbreon (evolve only)

• Tyrogue (egg)

• Smoochum (egg)

• Elekid (egg)

• Magby (egg)

Via the code we've identified those Pokemon above with, we also find our two best buddies. These super-extremely-rare Pokemon are not yet active in the game, but they're in the code. All of the Pokemon in Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 are in the code, but these two stand alone. These two have the same missing "Capture Rate" as those above.

Pokemon not in the wild, missing "Capture Rate":

• Celebi

• Mew

Celebi and Mew will likely be released a sort of special gift. These Pokemon aren't the sort to be caught all that often – when they do pop up, there'll be some sort of special catch-em Event. I'd bet dollars to donuts that the lack of Capture Rate in the code for these Pokemon means they won't be subject to normal rules. They might appear tomorrow – they might appear a week from now – we won't know until we're tipped off or Niantic makes it official!

This is only the latest in a line of code identifiers we've done over the past year for Pokemon GO. The code is always changing – stay tuned to our Pokemon GO Central hub for more!