Pokemon GO's 5 Best Pokemon for Legendary Raid Battles

Today we're taking a peek at the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO for the first round of Legendary Bird Pokemon Raid Battles. This is a list that'll look just a bit different from the other recent top-5 and top-10 lists we've done with Pokemon GO because of the specific opponents we're facing. Instead of taking on the whole Pokemon GO universe, we're rallying against Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapados!

Today we're going to find Pokemon Go's Best Pokemon for Legendary Raids – and we won't just be limiting this to Lugia Raids or Articuno Raids. For several reasons, not just because their tenures in this world are just about to end. Also at this point, you probably already know what works and what doesn't for those two monsters, and it's time to bring in the rest of the birds.

NOTE: The image above comes from the artist known as Ninaha Kazuko and was originally posted to DeviantArt. Check the collection of NK for more Pokemon and other top-notch fantasy and Anime oddities.

Some Cheat Sheets

Thanks to the awesome work of user Nplumb from Reddit, we've got a collection of images which make very clear – and very easy – the choices we'll make for Raiders of the lost Legendary. Note that the sizes of these Legendary Pokemon are tallied AFTER the Raid Boss Battle, and have no effect on the selections made below. It's jut nice to know.

Above you'll see selections for Moltres, while below you'll see selections for Zapados. They're both weak against rock types – so Golem is a big boss rock monster in this gen. Zapados is strong against Flying, Steel, Bug, Fighting, and Grass type Pokemon – so watch out for that! Moltres is strong against Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Steel, and Fighting type Pokemon – so basically keep your fighting bugs to yourself for both birds.

Next I've slapped both Articuno and Lugia together since we've only got a couple days left with them. Note that Lightning and Rock types work for both monsters, so keep your Eevee evolutions close at hand! Also note – Articuno is one of the best Pokemon to use against Lugia, so try to do one before the other!

This might also be the first time Typhlosion has been ranked up amongst the best of the best for anything – imagine that! This 3rd-level evolution gets extremely hot when it comes to blasting Legendary monsters directly in the face.

Top Five

The top 5 – updated top 5 – for this group of Legendary Bird Type Pokemon are as follows. Note that we've done top 5 and 10 lists before, but never at this moment in history for these specific opponents. The Legendary Bird collection Raiders best-of list is, in reverse order:

Legendary Bird Raiders BEST:

5. Blissey

4. Eevee evolutions (Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon)

3. Omastar

2. Golem

1. Tyranitar

While Golem previously topped similar lists, Tyranitar now takes the cake. Tyranitar was previously placed in second place due to his relative lack of availability as he and Golem take on opponents in a relatively similar fashion. Now that Tyranitar is available to be caught in Raid Battles, he's a whole lot easier to attain – so he smashes the list!

NOTE: Above artist unknown – though it looks like Tails19950 from DeviantArt, it doesn't match exactly. Let us know if you know who drew this masterpiece!

While Blissey doesn't appear in the top counter Pokemon in the charts above, our list includes Blissey because of its mega-massive defense. It's important to try to stay in the battle with a Raid Boss for as long as possible – as such, jam a Blissey in the 6 spot on your roster for ultimate long-lasting surpremacy.