Pokemon GO update teardown shows Candy XL bonus, Bonus Candy Raid Weekend

Today we're taking a peek at the latest update to Pokemon GO in a teardown of the latest update to the game's code. In this update, we get a peek at Gible text, the Slowpoke event, Bonus Candy Raid Weekend, and new Candy XL bonus bits. It all begins with "Just a Nibble Ticket" replacing "Cotton-Winged Bird Ticket" for Gible Day!

This latest update takes what was the ticket for the Swablu Community Day and updates the text for use with Gible. Similar changes were made in order to ready the game for the next Slowpoke event. "A Very Slow Discovery Challenge" was added to the game with a "2021" identifier – indicating we may be seeing this event return in the future.

New text was added for Pokemon GO Fest 2021. In the game's code is a modified version of the 2021 ticket: "A ticket to access Pokémon GO Fest on July 17 and 18, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time each day, wherever you are." This year's event will be discounted to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the release of the game Pokemon GO – see our Pokemon GO event rundown to learn more about this event and how you'll be able to participate.

New quests were added, including one that requires you yo win a raid in under (x) minutes. Another requires that you win a raid in under (x) seconds! There's a Slowpoke quest that'll likely last beyond the Slowpoke event – one that requires that you evolve (x) Slowpoke.

As noted in the PokeMiners Toronto post on The Silph Road SubReddit, several new "Today View" updates appeared with this latest APK. There's a new Remote Raid Pass from Research Breakthroughs resource, 2x XP from Research Breakthroughs, 2x chance to obtain Candy XL, and 3x chance to obtain Candy XL. This latest update also adds a simple "Bonus Candy Raid Weekend" that we'll likely see appear within the next few weeks!