Pokemon GO update: Gen 4 first details droppin'

This morning the folks at Niantic posted a teaser for their biggest update since the beginning. The release of Gen 4 – the fourth year and fourth region in the Pokemon universe proper. That's the region where all the FUN stuff was. And that's where all the fun stuff is going to be in the next update to Pokemon GO, if all goes according to plan.

Also in the image is a bit of Pokemon trading. That's important for those of you that haven't been in the game for a while. That's real! With Gen IV there's about to be a whole lot more opportunities to find rarities and trade them for Pokemon you well easily could have found right out your back door. But you went out your front door today, you fool!

You'll see a whole lot of Pokemon rolling in the weeds in the teaser image shared by Niantic and Nintendo this week. There's an Alolan Dugtrio – easily the most exciting Pokemon of all, right? There's a Ghastly, just to make sure you understand the originals aren't going away and that Halloween is probably the next big holiday.

ABOVE: The teaser image as large as Niantic's released it thus far. Let us know if you find one bigger!

Also in the image is a set of Unowns – the letters G and O, if you want to know so bad. A whole bunch of legendary Pokemon appear in the background – most of which have already been released through Raid Battles. Then there's some major updates to the crew:

Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig. That's the Fire Chimp, the Penguin, and the Turtle – starters, the whole bunch of them. Each of these three Pokemon came as starters for the games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. These Pokemon will likely be first in the big blop that is the release of the most recent gen – and don't forget Mew, too! He's already in the game – but don't forget him!