Pokemon GO update fixes a mean Pokeball bug

This week the folks at Niantic released an update for Pokemon GO that fixes a sticky bug. This bug caused users' Pokeball to stick mid-air on the screen when catching Pokemon. This latest update also fixed an issue that would cause Team GO Rocket to keep their Strange Egg instead of dropping it because the user had no more storage space in their inventory.

There's a new loading screen in this latest update, and the Tag option has been moved to above the Favorite option. If you're looking for event tickets, you can now purchase said tickets even if your Bag is full. There's a new batch of support for new Egg management tests as well.

If you've been playing Pokemon GO and have an issue you don't see covered above, there's a page you should visit. Take a peek at the Pokemon GO known issues page to see a not-quite-complete list of issues Niantic's aware of at this very moment.

There's a separate list of known issues for Pokemon GO's GO Battle League. That GO Battle League known issues page was last updated all the way back on October 29, 2020. That does not mean they've not been working on new issues, or that nothing's changed since then – only that they've not updated this specific page since late October.

If you're looking for more Pokemon GO updates, take a peek at the timeline below. The last couple of weeks of December, 2020, are EPIC. Lots of bonuses, lots of Shiny Pokemon, lots of fun without the pains of the past – re: walking around the world being tracked via GPS to find Pokemon. Imagine if the game had launched with the features it has now – do you think Pokemon GO would have survived this long if it didn't start out like it did?