Pokemon GO update hits for early April [APK Download]

In the latest update to Pokemon GO for both Android and iOS, users will find a wide variety of updates to the UI features of the game. Included in this update are a new loading screen – part of which you'll see in the hero image of this article (slash guide). Another bit that's updated is new language support – the Traditional Chinese Support language pack is here at last! Another feature in this update shows a brand new Scroll Bar for movement between screens.

Users will find a number of updates within Pokemon entries in their game as well. A real silhouette for multiple Pokemon evolutions has appeared for several Pokemon. This change appears to take place whether or not the player has actually seen that evolved form of Pokemon in the wild, too.

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What's especially interesting about this update is the difference between the average evolution and those that have to do with gender (aka the sex of the Pokemon, Male or Female). Luckily this appearance of either evolved form does not have an effect on which form the Pokemon is actually able to evolve into.

Take for example Poliwhirl (seen below) – using Poliwag candy only a Poliwhirl is able to evolve into a Poliwrath. If a Poliwhirl is Male, the evolved form Poliwrath will appear with an image in their listing page. If a Poliwhirl is Female, it'll show a Politoed with an image. Again, this does not have an effect on what's required to evolve nor what the Pokemon is able to evolve into – if you still have a King's Rock and want to use it, you can still make a Politoed even if you have a Male Poliwhirl.

Text for caught VS seen Pokemon has changed a bit – from black to purple. Users will find silhouettes in the Pokedex to have a bit more purple in some areas – we'll find out what that's all about soon, we're assuming.

For those lovers of the Pokemon Eggs who've noticed that the dates were all wrong for the past couple of weeks – it's time! The update for the fix is in. All the eggs that are caught from now on – and many that were caught recently – have their dates all fixed up nice.

Everyone who'd love to download this latest update on Android can do so through APK Mirror now. This is version 0.61.0 — and be sure to remember that anything you download outside of the Google Play app store is done at your own risk! Those on iPhone will need to wait for the update to go live in the iTunes App Store as version 1.31.0 this morning.

And what about Easter? It could be that this is the precursor to something bigger – like increased spawns for large amounts of Spring-Themed Pokemon. But unless you see a whole lot more Spinaraks around your area or a slightly shinier coat on Eevee, don't get too pumped up. We're crossing our fingers for a breeding update – bunnies!