Pokemon GO Update brings the worst knockoff ever

This week an app from "Rejected Games" has found its way into the hearts and minds of Pokemon GO users everywhere. Despite the numerous distorted similarities to Pokemon GO, this "game" is not going to help anyone become a better Pokeball tosser in Pokemon GO. Not even a little bit. This app goes by the name "Ball Practice for PoGO", and it's absolutely horrible. We've gone ahead and played it so that there be no need to play, ever again, for anyone else.

Regardless of additional security measures being put in place by Niantic in the newest update to Pokemon GO, games like this can (relatively easily, apparently) be made from torn-down APK files. Pokemon GO Update has new secret features and BIG changes

That's an Android application file, one that's allowed developers to backwards engineer the game and create the absolute tragedy that is the game before you.

Please understand how terrible this app is, and never download it. It can be found on the Google Play app store – but there's no way I'm going to link to it. Instead, view the video that comes immediately after this paragraph, and note the lack of sound, as there is no sound in the game, and note the terrifying takes on Pokemon monsters this creator has created.

In this knockoff, Pokemon GO users are supposed to learn how to toss the beach ball. That's not a Pokeball. That's a nightmare.

The beach ball is thrown at a variety of evil creatures from the darkest recesses of the human soul.

Once the user has successfully captured one of these goblin-like beasts, they'll be invited to capture another – and another and another until they've captured four of these animals – or what I'd call ghouls of dark carnivals' past.

Each time four monsters are captured by beach balls, the user is given the option of capturing additional monsters at distances further away than the last.

At the end of each capture session, the user is treated to an un-skippable video advertisement with full-blast sound. Note again that the game itself does not feature any sound, so the user may be caught completely off guard by this video mess.

The game is free, but gamers will never be able to get back the subsequent most ugh-inducing minutes of their lives.