Pokemon GO Thousand Year Slumber guides to Jirachi

The Pokemon GO Mythical Pokemon called Jirachi is coming to the game in a 1000-year Slumber quest. Today we're taking a peek at what "A Thousand-Year Slumber" will require and what Special Research Tasks you'll need to run through. These tasks are similar to those that appeared with Mew and Celebi with Pokemon you'll need to catch, PokeStops you'll need to spin, and Friends you'll need to make.

The steps start with the capture of 25 Pokemon. For this capture, you'll get 1000XP. Spinning 10 PokeStops or Pokemon Gyms will give you a Jigglypuff Encounter. You'll need to make 3 new Friends in the game and you'll get a Feebas encounter. Rewards for completing the first full step are a Moss Lure, Glacial Lure, and a Magnetic Lure!

Step 2 includes the capture of 3 Whismur – good luck on that! The reward for those captures are 10 Whismur Candies. From there you'll need to evolve a Feebas – for which you'll get 1500 XP. Another 1500 XP is given when you get a Gold Metal for the Hoenn Pokedex. That's right – the ENTIRE THING! Once you complete Step 2, you'll get 2k Stardust, 10x Pokeballs, and 3x Incense.

Step 3 begins with a snapshot of Loudred, for which you'll get a Snorlax encounter. You'll need to make 3 Great Throws in a row, and you'll get 2000XP as a reward. Earning 3 Candies with your buddy Pokemon (any Pokemon you like) will get you 2000XP. Rewards for Step 3 include 20x Silver Pinap berries, 3x Star Pieces, and 2K Stadust.

Step 4 includes the capture of 50x Psychic Type or Steel Type Pokemon, for which you'll get 2500XP. You'll get another 2500XP for powering up any Pokemon 10x times. Sending 10 gifts to friends will earn you another 2500XP. Step 4 rewards include a Fast TM, a Charge TM, and a Premium Raid Pass.

Step 5 (good gravy there are a lot of steps here, aren't there) includes battling a Team Leader 3 times, for which you'll get a Kriketune encounter. Winning against another trainer 7x times will get you 3000XP. You'll need to win 5 raids, and you'll get another 3000XP. Rewards for Step 5 include 3x Rare Candies, 20x Ultra Balls, and 3k Stardust.

Step 6 includes taking 5 photos of Steel Type or Psychic Type Pokemon, for which you'll get a Chimecho encounter. You'll need to make 3x Excellent Curveball throws with Pokeballs, and you'll encountner a Bronzong. Spinning a Pokestop 7 days in a row will get you 4000XP, and Step 6 rewards include 10x Silver Pinap Berries, 10x Star Pieces, and 5k Stardust.

Step 7 is apparently all auto-completed, so you'll get to encounter Jirachi right away! This leaves just one more Hoenn Pokemon left to release: Kecleon! We'll be looking for a Shiny Mewtwo next!