Pokemon GO Team Rocket release date secrets in full

Today we're taking a peek at the next major update to Pokemon GO, an event with no less than Team Rocket! We've been preparing for this event since before day one – go see! Pokemon GO user TeamRocketNorth is ready to take you on up in the Midwest Region! The next major Pokemon GO update will include "some mysterious characters" that've "shown up at PokeStops!"

Users will find that "Grunts" will appear at PokeStops all over the world during the duration of this event. Grunts first appeared with Team Rocket as... you guessed it... "Team Rocket Grunts", aka the lowest-level agents of the entire club. They work for Giovanni and Madame Boss in some iterations of the game – and they've been around since the beginning!

Have a peek at the video below to learn a bit more about the various Grunts that've appeared in the Pokemon game collection – on multiple platforms!

Per code we've been provided and code we've read in the latest APK for the game, Pokemon GO will soon include a wide variety of Grunts from Team Rocket. These will include such gems as "Winning is for Winners" and "Get ready to be defeated!"

It should be instantly apparent that we'll be doing battle against Team Rocket Grunts at all sorts of PokeStops throughout the game. Various iterations include Ghost, Grass, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water, Fighting, Fire, Electric... you know what? They're all there. Trust us.

Pokemon GO's Team Rocket event will be like surprise encounters with Pokemon trainers in the original Pokemon games on GameBoy. A Grunt will appear and you'll do battle! If you win your battle, the following message (or something like it) will appear:

"They've carelessly abandoned the Pokemon they lost with! It has an ominous aura and is somewhat different from regular Pokemon. Try to catch it so we can save it!" Once a Grunt Pokemon is caught – if you've got the GUTS – there'll be a process with which the captured Pokemon can "become stronger" through "purification."

We'll know more when the Team Rocket event begins – soon! It's expected that the specific release date range will be made public by the end of the week! UPDATE: Additional dialogue can be found at "Chrales" Twitter post right about now. Take a peek at the timeline below for more updates!