Pokemon GO Team Rocket guide and tricks: Shadow Pokemon aplenty!

Today Team Rocket invaded Pokemon GO, and we've got all the details you'll need to take command of the situation – and grab those Shadow Pokemon. The Shadow Pokemon is without a doubt the most awesome addition to Pokemon Go since the Shiny Pokemon invasion with the ruby Gyarados in 2017. There are some distinct similarities with that event here, too – like how RARE an encounter can be at the start!

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Each Team Rocket Shadow stop appears and de-spawns in 30 minutes. Once a Shadow stop appears, you'll have exactly 30 minutes to make use of its special features – after that it'll be GONE. It'll be gone with the same amount of warning given before it appeared – exactly NONE.

It would seem that these Shadow stops appear on the hour and the half-hour. Thus far we've seen them appear on the hour a few times, and reports from our area suggest that half-hour points have begun to appear after the first wave. The best way to get in on one of these spots is likely sitting in an area with multiple stops within walking distance – some might NEVER appear Shadowy at all – the exact code has not yet been discovered, and tracking has only just begun!

The costs

You'll find a Normal Pokemon if you have no Team Rocket, a Shadow Pokemon if you defeat Team Rocket, and a Purified Pokemon if you choose to give your captured Shadow Pokemon some mercy! You can choose to keep your Pokemon as-is if you wish!

Hero Badges in this event include a Team Rocket "Defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts badge at 10, 100, and 1000. You get +1 ball per tier during the Rocket Encounter event. There's also a Purifier Badge that'll give you reward at 5, 50, and 500. You'll get +1 ball per tier during the Rocket Encounter.

If power-up costs for Normal Pokemon are usually 1x candy and 1x dust, then Shadow Pokemon costs are 3x and 3x. Purified Pokemon then have 0.9x and 0.9x the same costs.

Evolution costs for normal Pokemon are generally 25 and 100 candy. Shadow Pokemon are also 25 and 100 candy. Purified Pokemon's evolution costs are reduced to 22 and 90 candy.

Save the Shadows

Save your Shadow Pokemon for a point at which you'll be able to do a Lucky Trade. If you have a Purified Pokemon, your IV increases each stat by 2+. Purifying a Pokemon allows you to have a 14/14/14 Pokemon where before now, Perfect was only 12/12/12.

There is no level increase beyond level 25 with a Shadow Pokemon. Purification of a Pokemon at that point will not increase your Pokemon's potential level.

Shadow and Purified Pokemon trades are considered Special Trades. Unlike Shiny Pokemon, Shadow and Purified Pokemon can be mass transferred. So don't make that accident!

How to find a Team Rocket Pokestop

They do not appear on nearby Pokemon lists – despite the very good idea at the head of this post. This idea was had originally by Caipirots on SilphRoad and modded slightly by SlashGear for this article's head image.

To find a Team Rocket Pokestop, you'll just need to tap in and see. These Pokestops appear at first to be slightly darker blue than their non-Shadowy counterparts. Once encountered, these stops will become black!

Video Guides

If you're all about those videos, we've got a couple of key entries for you to experience. One comes from the folks at Zyonik. Have a glance and see how the Team Rocket Grunts appear, and when.

Next we've got the ZoeTwoDots angle on the situation, complete with cat! Here she guides viewers on how to recognize Team Rocket Pokemon GO Pokestops, what it'll mean to battle shadow Pokemon, and how to Purify Pokemon in the waters of the holy trinity! Or something slightly less religious.

Let us know if you've found any other secrets, tips, or angles on the Team Rocket invasion as soon as possible! We wouldn't want to leave even a single stone unturned!