Pokemon GO Sword and Shield updates leaked

This afternoon Pokemon GO data appeared in the latest update to the APK file for the game. Per data shared in the latest update, Niantic is preparing Pokemon for not only Generation 8 (Sword and Shield), but the rest of the Pokemon generations that are already in the game in part. This is not the first time Niantic has indicated that Sword, Shield, and beyond will be fully integrated into Pokemon GO.

If you're taking a peek at the Pokeminer's update today, you'll find expanded sets of moves for both Generation 8 and Generation 6 Pokemon in the mix. This is just the latest in a line of updates readying the game for more Sword and Shield action as Niantic continues to face scrutiny for removing pandemic play as global COVID-19 cases continue to ramp back up entering the 2021 Fall school season.

Also appearing in said update, Pokeminer-harvested data could be seen showing new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Gym Uniform clothing items. This includes a new Default Uniform in white and blue, a dark blue and orange Dragon uniform, and a black and pink Dark uniform. Shoes and gloves were pushed to the game as well.

It's entirely possible that these assets will not make it to the final build of the game, but their appearance in the game's APK file package generally indicates they'll be released in the near future. In addition to the bits of clothing in the game, config update files released today showed new core features regarding Pokemon Gym functionality.

If you're new to the game, you'll find a new basic tutorial for Pokemon Gym gameplay. If you've never accessed a Pokemon Gym before, you'll soon be given access to a few basics – a few Potions and Revives, as well as likely access to the bonuses that come from beating a gym – like experience points.

A recent update to Pokemon GO also added Power Up Gyms and Power Up Pokestop functionality to the game. All trainers will likely be given bonuses when one trainer powers up a Pokemon Gym. When a Pokestop is powered up, anyone that spins gets bonus rewards for accessing a Pokestop that's powered up.

It's likely the Pokestop and Gym locations will be powered up with future photo and AR scan submissions. This will assist Niantic in their goal to 3D scan the entire world into their mapped recreation of the planet!