Pokemon GO Sword and Shield Galarian Forms leaked and analyzed

A variety of Pokemon already in Pokemon GO will get Galarian Forms some time after the launch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Today we're taking a peek at what's known and expanding on what's already in the game Pokemon GO to make some next-level analysis a reality! We can make some big stabs at the near-release future of Pokemon GO here now largely due to the leak of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex last week!

If you've not already seen it, you really should take a peek at the feature Pokemon Sword and Shield full Pokedex leak will definitely break some hearts. Warning: It's not pretty! Or at least for fans of the elder Pokedex, it's a heartbreaker. That's for sure.

Largely due to the intrepid works of one Doomnova over at The Silph Road, we're taking a peek at what's most likely appearing in the new Galarian Pokedex in Pokemon GO. The Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield with new Galarian forms are as follows:

• Meowth (STEEL!)

• Ponyta (Psychic)

• Rapidash (evolves from G.Ponyta) (Psychic / Fairy)

• Farfetch'd (largely the same as Kanto, but evolves into Sirfetch'd) (Fighting)

• Weezing (not Koffing) (Poison / Fairy)

• Mr Mime (Ice / Psychic)

• Corsola (evolves into Cursola) (GHOST!)

• Zigzagoon (Dark / Normal)

• Linoone (Dark / Normal)

• Darumaka (Ice)

• Darmanitan (Ice)

• Darmanitan (Zen Mode) (Ice / Fire)

• Yamask (Ground / Ghost) (New evolution into Runegrigus!)

• Stunfisk (Ground / Steel)

• Obstagoon (Dark / Normal)

• Perrserker (Steel)

• Cursola (Ghost)

• Mr. Rime (a Mime evolution at last!) (Ice / Psychic)

• Runegrigus (Ground / Ghost)

While most of these Pokemon will look pretty neat, only a few will make the top-10 for usefulness in Pokemon GO for their respective types. Galarian Farfetch'd is a good example here – as it changes to a Fighting-only type and might no longer be restricted to spawns in Europe. Both Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd will be essential for a full Pokedex, but neither will be super great for Pokemon battles.

The exceptions are the biggest and the baddest of their sort! Cursola might be one of the best Ghost-type Pokemon in the game once it's released in Pokemon GO. Its base stats suggest it'll have the third-highest damage-per-second, just after Chandelure and Gengar.

Galarian Darmanitan is likely set to become the biggest damage-per-second hitter in the Ice-type category. Galarian Darmanitan has a higher DPS than Mamoswine, the current Ice king of Pokemon GO. We've not quite gotten to Generation 5's full Pokedex in Pokemon GO, so it's unlikely we'll see this monster any time soon, from any region – but you never know!

Maybe this release will trigger both Darumaka and Darmanitan, then go on to trigger the beastly Galarian Darmanitan. Per the leaks of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Galarian Darmanitan (Zen Mode) has a higher potential attack (323) than the vast majority of Pokemon in the game, lower only than Deoxys-N and Deoxys-A.

It'll be interesting to see if the clues dropped in code in Pokemon GO mean they'll bring on Galarian Pokemon before the rest of the generational Pokemon they've yet to release. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to include "Galarian" in the code for the game already if they're not close to a big release, right?

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were announced to be released on November 15, 2019. That's this week! Cross your fingers Pokemon GO comes along for the ride!