Pokemon GO Summer of Galaxy clothing unlock code steps revealed

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Pokemon GO has a new set of clothing called Summer of Galaxy, available for users to outfit their avatars. This new set of duds can be attained using an email address, a date of birth, and a zip code, plus an opening of a single email. The process is simple, and worth it, especially if you're all about the color ORANGE.

Samsung's teamed up with Niantic and/or Nintendo and/or The Pokemon Company to create a new Samsung-specific set of clothing for Pokemon GO users. This is in-game clothing, mind you, not something you'll get out in the real world... as far as we know, so far. There's always a possibility that clothing could appear in the real world too – we'll just have to cross our fingers for that.

To attain this new pair of items in Pokemon GO, the user must first head to Samsung (dot com) and create a Samsung account. This is just about as easy as creating an account with any other service, but there are a few specifics you'll need to be aware of before you hit the GO button.

You'll need a (valid) email address, a name (your name or a name that sounds real enough), and a date of birth. You'll also need a valid ZIP code. Make sure your ZIP code is inside the USA – like 10001 (New York), or 60613 (Chicago), or 90001 (Los Angeles).

After you've signed up, make sure you've verified your Samsung account via the email address you entered in the sign-up step, then head to the Summer of Galaxy website to nab that shirt. At that site, you'll tap the "VIEW DETAILS" link below the area that says "Pokemon GO Galaxy Avatar Outfit" and enter your email.

To that email you'll be sent a code that you can then turn around and enter in Pokemon GO. You can redeem the code via the link in the email – and you'll need to be signed in to your Pokemon GO account from that page. You could also enter that code in your Pokemon GO app if you're using the Android version of Pokemon GO!