Pokemon GO strikes and punishments reversed with free Event Box

This week Niantic is reversing a bunch of incorrect strikes and punishments issued to players in the very recent past. To make up for the incorrect issue of punishments and strikes, the company is delivering a free Event Box in the in-game store. This Event Box contains 10x Premium Raid Passes, 10x Incense, 10x Raid Passes, and 10x Super Egg Incubators.

On August 4 at 2:52PM (central time) Niantic Support released a statement suggesting that they've "removed incorrect strikes and punishments for Trainers who have received them." They noted that these Trainers will "receive a free Event Box in the Shop." Niantic said that they "apologize for this error and are working to address this for the future." The box appears in the image above (from a screenshot in Germany).

This is actually a fun opportunity to learn a bit of German, while we're at it. If you're looking at the screenshot above from user zireal on The Silph Road on Reddit, you'll see items like Rauch, Premium kampf pass, Fern raid pass, and Super Brutmaschine. The Super Brutmaschine is relatively simple – super is still super, maschine is machine, and brut is effectively "brood" – brooding, progeny, incubating.

The word "fern" means remote, so we've just got Remote Raid Pass. The word kampf means battle, so we've got a Premium Battle Pass, and Rauch is smoke! Really it should be Weihrauch, because it is more than just smoke, it's sacred smoke... but still, neat.

If you've seen a "first strike" warning in Pokemon GO recently, there's a pretty good chance you have a box like this waiting for you in the in-game shop in Pokemon GO. Per Niantic, this should be the end of incorrectly-issued first strike warnings – but we shall see! Cross your fingers they have everything figured out.