Pokemon GO Spotlight hours in August bring Magnemite and Shellos

In the month of August, 2021, Niantic's ready to roll with a set of Pokemon you'll most likely want to catch for Spotlight Hours. The best of the bunch might very well be the first, with Magnemite. There'll also be a Shellos from the East Sea and a Shellos from the West Sea. Late August also has a couple more Pokemon that aren't yet revealed to the public.

The first Spotlight Hour of the month of August takes place on August 3, 2021. Each Spotlight Hour starts at 6PM (local time) and lasts for an hour. Each Spotlight hour takes place on a Tuesday – so you can pretty much bet that every Tuesday at 6PM local time you'll find an awesome situation going on in Pokemon GO.

On August 3, 2021, at 6PM, it's time for Magnemite. This Spotlight Hour will deliver a far more common Magnemite and the potential to find said Magnemite in Shiny form. You'll also find 2x catch stardust for the duration of this mini event.

On August 10, 2021 there'll be a Spotlight Hour for Shellos (East Sea). This is one of two Shellos that'll appear during this month, the next with a Spotlight Hour on August 17, 2021. The August 10 event features 2x Catch XP for the duration of the event, and the August 17 event will deliver 2x Catch Candy for all Pokemon caught during this event.

We do not yet know which Pokemon will appear on August 24 or August 31, but we can safely assume we'll get 2x Transfer Candy for the 24th, and 2x Evolution XP for the 31st. Remember to keep your special XP and candy-seeking action for these mini-events, they're on the way!

Which Pokemon do you think will appear for the last two Tuesdays of the month? Could it be something new, or a Pokemon favorite that's already in the game now?