Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour tonight is a Shiny seeker frenzy

This week in Pokemon GO, trainers get the opportunity to take an hour out of their day for a very special event. In this, the Spotlight Hour, normally we'd be seeing a very specific Pokemon featured in greater numbers – and with a greater chance of appearing in Shiny form. Today's Spotlight Hour won't be like that – it'll be something very different, and very welcome!

In the past we'd dealt with all sorts of "featured" Pokemon during smaller events. These Pokemon have been largely focused on in the same way in which a rare action figure is made. The less likely a figure design is to be widely purchased, the more likely it is to be made in smaller numbers – the perceived special nature of the figure – due to smaller production numbers – lends itself to better sales for said figure in the long run.

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Much in the same way as that, Niantic seems to have focused on Pokemon that might not otherwise have been caught in great number. Bug Pokemon, Pokemon that've been replaced by slightly cooler-looking monsters with the same Pokemon type – you know the sort.

Niantic doesn't profit any more from one Pokemon being caught over another – but when a wider variety of Pokemon are sought, the greater the chances are that Pokemon in general will continue to be a worldwide phenomenon, one of the most popular cartoon-based media entities in the history of the world.

With today's Spotlight Hour, however, something strange seems to have happened. Instead of focusing on one otherwise-dry or semi-unexciting Pokemon, today's Spotlight Hour is just an explosive increase in spawn rates for ALL POKEMON.

Because all Pokemon are appearing in far greater numbers than normal, the rate at which spawns have increased will also affect the speed at which Shiny Pokemon could potentially appear. Your chances for each spawn appearing as a Shiny Pokemon won't change, but the number of chances you'll get will increase by a significant amount – more Pokemon per period of time, more time to tap!

This Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO takes place on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, starting at 6PM. That's 6PM (or 18:00 hours) local time for you! Wherever you are in the world, on the 18th of February, you'll want to fire up your Pokemon GO app and start walking! This event lasts one hour – go for it!

ALSO: From February 21 to February 24, Pokemon GO will feature FRIENDSHIP WEEKEND. This weekend includes 2x candy trade bonuses, 1/2 stardust cost, and a Friendship Bonus – so you can level up faster than usual! You'll get twice the gift bonus for both open and inventory – unwrap like wild! And don't forget to keep looking for the Team GO Rocket Egg – uncovered in the latest APK!