Pokemon GO soft ban issues plague Grass Event - try this fix!

Everything runs away in Pokemon GO now that the Grass Event has started, and Pokestops are not working! What's the deal, you might be wondering – did the Grass-type Pokemon stage some sort of digital rebellion to soft ban me into a crying fit? How to I initiate a soft ban fix? There's bad news and there's good news – the bad news is that some players are going to have to go a few hours without playing the game properly. The good news is – there's a fix for those players lucky enough to know how to break a soft ban.

Everything runs away / Pokestops not working

Pokemon GO is currently being kicked in the rear end with issues for a large number of users. It would SEEM that the majority of players having issues in Pokemon GO are linked to Lure Modules. Placing a Lure Module seems to break the game, at the moment – so everyone reading this article might want to stop using Lures for the time being. Once the Lure issue is fixed, we can pretty safely assume that the issues will disappear, too.

For those players that've never experienced these issues before: they're indicative of a Soft Ban from Niantic. A Soft Ban is usually issued to a player who has triggered one of several digital tripwires for cheating. One example is catching a Pokemon in Wyoming, then 5 minutes later spinning a Pokestop in New York City. You better believe that's a soft-banning.

Pokemon GO Soft Ban Fix

Niantic is currently pulling their hair out trying to figure out what went wrong – that you can be sure of. As a result, some users are finding that the Grass Event has been rolled back for the moment. Quite a cut in green Pokemon, that is to say – all those poor, poor Bulbasaurs.

The fix is the same as it's been since cheaters started cheating and hackers started hacking. One way out is to wait for around 4-hours, then play. That's the worst possible way to get out of this soft ban. The other way is spinning a Pokestop 40 times in a row. It might seem like I'm kidding if you've never heard of this solution before, but it works, I've tested it myself with a test account just to see if it works, and it works.