Pokemon GO Shiny Rayquaza guide and essential tricks

This week Niantic launched the Shiny version of the Pokemon GO monster called Rayquaza. Shiny Rayquaza is black instead of green – but otherwise has pretty much the same powers and abilities. This is generally the case when it comes to Shiny Pokemon, what with the alternate colors and the same powers and all. But it's all about the hunt anyway, so let's go!

Shiny Rayquaza will begin to appear in Raid Battles for a limited time – starting today! From July 31st until September 2nd, 2019, there'll be a limited event. This event will put standard Rayquaza in Raid Battles around the world. Once Rayquaza is beaten in a Raid as a Raid Boss, there's a chance it'll turn SHINY as you're given the chance to catch it with a Pokeball.

As it is with every Shiny Pokemon, one Shiny Rayquaza isn't necessarily going to appear Shiny to every trainer. It is only once a Raid Battle with Rayquaza is won that your dice will roll. The Raid Battle always shows a standard Rayquaza, then once its beaten, it'll either appear standard green or super fancy Shiny Rayquaza Black and Yellow.

How do I get a Shiny Rayquaza

If you're super lucky, you could see a Shiny Rayquaza every time you beat a standard Rayquaza in a Raid Battle. You could be all like this reply to the thread, pumped up!

Or you could win any number of Raid Battles against Rayquaza and still see ZERO Shiny Rayquaza. That might make you feel bad. You might feel sorta frustrated – like this:

It's all about luck. If we look at previous events that were similar to this Raid/Shiny business this week, we see more Shiny Raid Boss action than at any other time in the history of the game. So cross your fingers while you hold your phone, and get to battles! Hit the timeline below for more information on Rayquaza and what it'll take to defeat this monster at the gym!