Pokemon GO September Community Day: Shiny Oshawott and why

It's nearly time for the September 2021 Community Day in Pokemon GO for the Pokemon called Oshawott. This event will feature one massive number of Oshawott for the 6 hours it'll take place, and it'll have increased likelihood of a SHINY Oshawott. This is good news, as this hasn't always been the case in recent events. During the event (plus 2 hours afterward) all Oshawott-family Pokemon that evolve into Samurott will learn an Exclusive Move Hydro Cannon.

The move Hydro Cannon is very good stuff, and worth having on a maxed-out Samurott. It's a half-meter charge with 90 damage, water style. Other charged moves this Pokemon can learn are Megahorn (Bug), Blizzard (Ice), Hydro Pump (Water), and Return (Normal). Hydro Cannon has the highest Damage Per Energy (DPE) ratio at 2.00. This outweighs the rest by at least 0.03 – but even the least powerful move this Pokemon can learn is still good – that's Hydro Pump at 1.73 DPE.

This Pokemon can learn either Fury Cutter or Waterfall as its fast move. The DPS (Damage Per Second) and DPE for Fury Cutter are 4 and 8, while Waterfall has 8 and 5.3. So it's up to you – which is more important to your future in fighting? We'll be rolling with Fury Cutter!

This Community Day includes 3x Catch XP, 3-hour Incense, and 3-hour Lure Modules. If for some reason you're having trouble finding enough Oshawott as fast as you wish, you'll be able to use Rainy Lure Modules to attract more than you could possibly ever want.

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You can take up to 5x snapshots during the event that'll result in Oshawott photobombs and subsequent wild spawns. This event will generate Oshawott Stickers from PokeStops, Pokemon Gym locations, and in the in-game store.

The Oshawott Community Day event takes place on September 19, 2021, starting at 11AM local time. This event will last until 5PM local time, regardless of your location in the world.