Pokemon GO Research: Task glitch and reset!

If you found yourself playing Pokemon GO today with one task, then another task re-set not long after you checked the first, you are not alone! A number of players reported today that the tasks they'd been assigned in the morning hours in the early week this week (first week of July) were re-set, seemingly randomly. For once, the most interesting news of the Tuesday doesn't center on Eevee!

One possibility with the in-game reset for research and tasks, etcetera, has to do with the update for GO Fest. This week's Pokemon GO Fest is in Dortmund, Germany, and won't take place during the day here in the United States. But the build for the game is the same, worldwide – so we get it too.

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In the latest update, a few odd changes were laid down, the sort of which don't normally get included in a game update the same week as a major event. For example the cylinder radius for Mudkip was changed from 0.5 to 0.2 – such a tiny thing. Why even make the effort?

Similar changes were added, with the following Pokemon cylinder radius numbers going down: Absol, Cacnea, Flygon, Vibrava, Trapinch, Carvanha, Mawile. The following Pokemon cylinder radius numbers went up: Bagon, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, Mismagius, Gliscor, Gallade.

New combat default camera angles were added to Giratina Altered and Rhyperior – likely because they'll be big time boss monsters in short order. You can just be looking straight at a Pokemon when they're three stories tall!

New GO Fest badge codes were added to the game, including Days 1-4, Early Access and General. Dependent on the sort of code you've got on a badge, you'll get different bonuses in-game. If you're actually at the event, that is – unless you somehow find a way to get a code and dupe the game, but it's probably not worth the hassle!

Pokestop changes this morning switched from tasks such as "Catch 5 with weather boost" to "2 nice curveball throws in a row" – and so forth. Reports have also appeared suggesting that GO Fest tasks have been sent to some users accidentally. Not that you'll be able to complete said tasks unless you're actually in Dortmund, but still – watch out for oddities!