Pokemon GO Reddit cheats, IV calculators, and egg chart news

This morning we're running down the current still-active Pokemon GO cheats, maps, IV calculators, and everything in-between. Before we go any further, it's important to point out that we're not encouraging anyone – especially legit Pokemon GO gamers – to go out and use these cheats, hacks, and/or guide points for the game. We're reporting their existence so that everyone knows that they exist – and that it's inevitable that gamers around the world are making use of them.

Egg Chart

There've been very few dedicated attempts at figuring out which eggs produce which Pokemon. We know which eggs have the potential to release which Pokemon, but we're still no closer to knowing exactly which egg will product exactly which Pokemon – which is just as well since we cannot delete or transfer eggs out anyway.

Above you'll see the egg chart which remains true today as it was when it was first compiled some weeks ago. Users can depend on this chart for their Pokemon GO egg walking without a doubt.

And remember – if you're trying to find enough Pokemon candies to evolve your starter Pokemon, walk those level 2 eggs. Every Pokemon that comes hatched from an egg not only comes with 2x or 3x the candies they'd come with from the wild, they're also prone to being delivered with high IV numbers, too.

See our Pokemon GO egg distance research as well!

IV Calculators

The word "IV" has become rather important for those Pokemon GO users that don't necessarily want to cheat at the game, but DO want to gain deeper understanding of which Pokemon are going to be able to evolve into the strongest versions of themselves in the long run. As such, "IV Calculators" have become popular in the past several weeks.

High IV means a high potential for great attack, defense, and stamina for a Pokemon for battle. High IV also means a potential for higher CP – and an overall more impressive Pokemon in its final form.

One of the easiest-to-understand Pokemon GO IV calculators is Pokemon GO Info through GameInfo. This calculator requires that the user enter each individual value into a calculator via the web – and puts the user at no risk of being banned by Niantic.

Wait, I can be banned by Niantic for using an IV calculator?

Apparently so. There have been some unverified reports of users being warned by Niantic about using automatic IV calculators – and some soft bans.

That said, users that are not worried as such can find the best constructed automatic IV calculator through Pokemon GO Nexus. Grind 'em into candy!


Of course there's still a market for mapping out the entire Pokemon GO universe – especially for those users that live in rural areas with very few Pokemon appearing. For them, there's PokeREV. This is a system which populates the areas users wish to populate using their web browser. This tool is a lot more reliable in higher population areas than it is low – but it is one of the most developer-supported (still supported) systems currently active.

A similar system that's user-submitted is PokeGOWorld. This system will never be "down" as others will because it does not rely on Niantic's servers – they cannot request that it be taken down because it's not technically using any of their code, nor pinging their data, nor relying on any system of theirs in an active sense. A very similar service is PokeCrew – with site login and map recall!

For people who wish to run their own map from their desktop computer – though that would require that they move back to their home every time they need to see said map, how crazy – there's Pokemon GO Desktop Map. Users will need a rudimentary knowledge of code for Mac or Windows – Terminal and that sort of business – but once it's up, it's awesome.

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