Pokemon GO Raid update: One BIG battle change

Chris Burns - Aug 11, 2017, 12:28 pm CDT
Pokemon GO Raid update: One BIG battle change

After 6 Pokemon are knocked out in a Pokemon GO Raid Battle, one tip has been ruining the party for the rest of the trainers – but no longer. Users have been staying out of the battle once they’re knocked out because they’ll lose any Damage Bonus they’d had previously. For some users over the past week, this seems to no longer be true!

Return to Raid Update

Multiple users have reported over the past week to SlashGear that their Raid Battle Bonuses are different than they were in the recent past. Before they’d get only one or no bonus for Damage if they’d been knocked out completely. As of this week they get 1 or more, even if they return to the battle with a fresh set of Pokemon.

Cross your fingers this remains true for these players and others – and that it’s an official update from Niantic. If it is, we’ll likely see it mentioned in the next update’s notes. Better to see it field tested before announcing than announcing only to see it not work.

Return to Raid TRICK

For those of you out there that’ve not seen this update happen (yet), the following is true. If you’re on your last Pokemon and see the end is near, tap the leave battle button. From there, rejuvenate your squad of top-level monsters – or just pick a new team altogether.

Rejoining the battle at this point – if you’ve voluntarily left – means the full Damage bonus. That bonus is still dependent on how much Damage you’ve done during the whole battle, mind you. Don’t go trying this expecting bonuses if you’re not rolling with a best-in-class set of Golems, or whatever it is you’re using now to battle big.

Wrap Up

In short – don’t just stay knocked out. Rejoin the Raid, no matter what! The difference of a couple of Premier Balls to throw at the Raid Boss is nothing compared to the disaster of not winning the Raid at all.

Not to mention the recent note from Niantic about the last Premier Ball always failing to catch a Pokemon. “We are actively working to resolve an issue where the Raid Boss always breaks free from the last Premier Ball available. To counteract the effects of this issue, Pokémon GO will temporarily grant an extra Premier Ball in the Bonus Challenge.” So you’ve got an extra ball now anyway – have at it!

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