Pokemon GO Raid news: Mewtwo time, EX pass live!

Mewtwo's coming is imminent in Pokemon GO as EX Raid passes (Exclusive Raid Passes) were first passed out today. One of the very first people to attain an EX Raid Pass was the user known as Broseph23. The Raid Pass suggested that the first EX Raid in his area would take place on September 7th, starting at 4PM and lasting until 6PM.

The image of the EX Raid Pass shown below was captured in Seattle, Washington – which means this roll-out is not just relegated to super traffic-heavy locations. In previous roll-out-tests, big traffic areas (particularly the San Francisco area) were used as a play-test garden. This roll-out is probably beginning in large cities to test user response.

User response will be measured in number of players that appear in each EX Raid battle. If not enough players show up, the EX Battle Raid Boss (likely Mewtwo) probably will not be defeated. Mewtwo's first appearance in Japan showed us that his power cannot be defeated with a paltry crew – thus the requirement of the Ex Raid, one in which players have an extra-big push to appear at a certain time in a certain place.

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Several factoids about this, one of the first reveals of an EX Raid Pass from the Reddit-based Broseph23:

• Yesterday was the last (and first) time I had done a raid that that location. I cannot remember what it was, I did three raids in Bellevue yesterday so I can't remember which was which. I had done raids since then. I am pretty sure whatever it was I did catch.

• For those in other time zones, this notice came just over 48 hours in advance.

The pass popped up during normal game play. You can see it again when clicking on the pass in the items bag. It also shows up in your journal.

• The last raid is did before this invite was about 10-15 min prior. Raikou raid and it was caught.

• I have won 40 raids. I don't know how many are legendary. Maybe 20?

The consensus seems to be that at the time of the notification of this EX Raid pass, the player needs to be inside a 10 mile radius of the gym in question. If you've fought in a Raid Battle at a gym that'll become an EX Raid location and you've flown across the country, you probably won't be getting an invite.

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