Pokemon GO Raid Legendary Regirock dates and new list

Chris Burns - Aug 17, 2018, 12:54 pm CDT
Pokemon GO Raid Legendary Regirock dates and new list

The time for Regirock in Pokemon GO is here! It’s time to head down to your local favorite Raid Battle gym and take on the most rockiest of strange Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Regirock. Yes Regirock, the third in a line of Hoenn-region legendaries is here, ready to rock and roll, and we’re gonna let its secrets be know right here, right this minute.

This battle you’ll undertake soon will bring upon you Regirock, the POkemon you’ve been looking for in order to complete your Pokedex, and for absolutely no other reason at all. The same was true of Registeel and Regice, they being the Steel Type and Ice Type of the trio, whilst Regirock is, yes indeed, the Rock Type of the crew. This trio of Pokemon is perfect for all your… Pokedex filling needs.

Regirock will be available until mid-September. When you head in and do war with Regirock, I suggest that you bring your Fighting, Water, Grass, Ground, and Steel Type Pokemon to fight. This monster is mostly made of DEFENSE, whereas its attack and stamina are only mostly so-so. Do not bring your Pokemon that are primarily Flying, Fire, Normal, or Poison types.

As of this week, the Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Boss list is as follows. This list exists as of the launch of Regirock.

New Arrivals:
• Regirock (Tier 5)
• Roselia (Tier 2)
• Tangela (Tier 3)
Returned to Battle:
• Wailmer (Tier 1)
• Piloswine (Tier 3)
• Rhydon (Tier 4)
Still Kickin:
• Meditite (Tier 1)
• Makuhita (Tier 1)
• Magikarp (Tier 1)
• Kirlia (Tier 2)
• Alolan Exeggutor (Tier 2)
• Donphan (Tier 3)
• Machamp (Tier 3)
• Alolan Raichu (Tier 3)
• Tyranitar (Tier 4)
• Absol (Tier 4)
• Alolan Marowak (Tier 4)
Retired (for now)
• Charmander (Tier 1)
• Magmar (Tier 2)
• Flareon (Tier 3)
• Porygon (Tier 3)
• Houndoom (Tier 4)
• Registeel (Tier 5)

If you pick up an Alolan Exeggutor, please name it GLADIATOR TOWER for me. I’m still on protest times for the game until they bring back those little step-meter things from the pre-release version of the game. Long live the little steps!

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