Pokemon GO PVE quick guide update: How charged moves go great

The weekend is ripe for battles of all sorts in the world of Pokemon GO. This Friday Niantic updated their system to include a whole bunch of Team Leader teams – Pokemon crews, moves, and abilities. Blanche rolls with three new teams, Candela has a new set of three team possibilities, and Spark has... lots of Electric Pokemon, as you may have guessed.

Today we're taking a peek at the new teams, straight from the game's own code and our own first investigations into the updated game itself. Before you jump in, note that the Team Leaders no longer fight defenselessly. They've started using SHIELDS now. Don't let them fool you into thinking they won't attempt to block!

They still don't seem to know how to switch Pokemon, mind. Don't worry about any of that business. Have a peek at the new teams and let yourself roll out on all the biggest and baddest of opponent monsters.

• Blanche GL: Sneasel, Sealeo, Snow Castform

• Blanche UL: Glaceon, Empoleon, Mamoswine

• Blanche ML: Suicune, Metagross, Articuno

• Candela GL: Combusken, Magcargo, Sun Castform

• Candela UL: Flareon, Typhlosion, Magmortar

• Candela ML: Entei, Salamence, Moltres

• Spark GL: Plusle, Electrode, Rain Castform

• Spark UL: Jolteon, Luxray, Magnezone

• Spark ML: Raikou, Tyranitar, Zapdos

ALSO you'll find a variety of moves used, with each different Pokemon. There'll be a Mud Bomb, there'll be a Bone Club, there'll be an Earthquake!

Make sure you're rolling out the circle motions to beat down your monstrous charged-move opponents. This has a bit to do with the newest Charged Attack mechanics. This system requires that you follow the pattern of falling icons – and it's all about the circles!

An update to trainer battles in the aesthetic realm rolls out with the ability to see CP values – at last! And don't forget the Team Rocket action – prepare for trouble!