Pokemon GO promo code returns with Pokeballs

This week Niantic started sending out Promo Codes for the game Pokemon GO, once again. It's not clear yet whether this sort of giving away of items in the game will continue with codes such as the one(s) we're seeing this week, or if this is an isolated incident. In any case – it's time for some Pokeballs for the masses!

If you're looking for Pokeballs, and you've not already accepted your effectively no-cost package in the in-game shop in Pokemon GO, today's your day. Head to the code entry location of your choice and enter the code E9K4SY77F5623 to get a batch of Pokeballs for your trainer. This code will only work once per trainer, and there is a very likely redemption expiration date (probably inside the year 2021).

If you have never redeemed a code with Niantic before, it's simple: Head to the Niantic Labs redeem site and tap in. This should work for most players – otherwise head to your in-game shop and scroll to the very bottom of the screen. If you're using an Android device, you should see an offer redemption section where you can enter the code above.

This is not the first time Niantic's released a code such as this without a major announcement. It's quite likely it's been released to test the system with code redemption for a potential larger release in the future. Cross your fingers we'll see some real-deal codes-for-Pokemon or Berries or basically anything other than Pokeballs – we shall see!

UPDATE: It would appear that some individuals on social networks are displeased with the contents of the code upon entry. To them, one might suggest that the situation is more important than the code or the Pokeballs. It's effective proof that Niantic isn't going to get rid of the reward system any time soon, and an indication that Niantic may be preparing to bring more of these code entry bits to the game in the future. That's GOOD news for those players that live outside of major cities, and decent news for everyone else.