Pokemon GO passes $600 million in revenue in record time

It would appear that Pokemon GO isn't quite done breaking mobile gaming records. Even though it's no longer the powerhouse it was when it launched back in July, there's still a significant number of people playing it. That player base has helped Pokemon GO break yet another record, with App Annie saying that the mobile game has managed to pull in $600 million in revenue.

That's an already astounding number made even more impressive by the fact that this figure only covers July to September. App Annie's research, which was published by VentureBeat, shows that Pokemon GO managed to hit the $600 million mark 2.5 times faster than Candy Crush Saga. While Pokemon GO achieved that amount of revenue in 90 days, it took Candy Crush Saga more than 200 days to do the same thing.

It gets even more crazy from there, with Pokemon GO's 90 days compared to Puzzle and Dragons' 400 and Clash of Clans' 500. Anyone who plays mobile games will know that Candy Crush, Puzzle and Dragons, and Clash of Clans aren't slouches when it comes to making money, which makes Pokemon GO's success even more noteworthy.

On top of that, App Annie's research find that 45% of the time spent in all Android games was spent playing Pokemon GO during this three month period. For comparison, the next 19 games on the list comprise 55% of the time spend in Android games during that same period. The rest of the games on the list may not have suffered because of that, though, as App Annie points out that Pokemon GO was able to pull in a large number of people who previously didn't play games on their phone.

Any way you slice it, those are some pretty amazing statistics for Pokemon GO. It does seem like the popularity of the game has dropped off a fair amount since launch, but there are definitely still folks out there who are playing this game religiously. There's always the chance that Niantic can pull some of those launch players back through content updates, too.

Personally, my Pokemon GO playtime has dropped off significantly since it first came out. I've been watching for word of updates that will bring me back, but one that's manage to pique my interest hasn't landed just yet. When Niantic puts Pokemon from Generation II in the game or starts giving players a way to catch legendary Pokemon like Articuno or Mewtwo, though, I'll definitely go back to the game.

VIA: VentureBeat

SOURCE: App Annie