Pokemon GO Pancham to Pangoro time is Tuesday

If you have a Pancham right now in Pokemon GO, chances are you're having a rough time catching Dark Type Pokemon. If you have a Pancham and keep Pancham as your Buddy Pokemon while you catch 32 Dark Type Pokemon, you'll be able to evolve Pancham to Pangoro. But how are you supposed to reliably find 32 Dark Type Pokemon?

Your opportunity to find Dark Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO is upon you! Usually you'd need to either get very lucky, or find a bunch of Team Rocket (or GO Rocket, whatever you'd like to call them) with Dark Type Pokemon or finding Sierra. On Tuesday, the 18th of May, 2021, there'll be a Spotlight Hour for you.

Starting on May 18, 6PM local time, there'll be an Alolan Rattata Spotlight Hour. This Spotlight Hour will last one hour. It'll be over at 7PM local time, also May 18, 2021. During this event, Alolan Rattata will spawn in large numbers.

Also during this event, all trainers will find a bonus of 2x Evolution XP. This means that every time you evolve a Pokemon during this event, you'll get TWICE the experience points you'd normally get for such an action.

The next Spotlight Hour after this May 18th Rattata (Alolan) is May 25. On May 25th, 2021, there'll be a Spotlight Hour for Marill. Both Alolan Rattata and Marill will be available as SHINY Pokemon with likely increased appearances during these Spotlight Hour events.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on the current state of Pokemon GO and recent updates to the game. Pokemon GO has a wide variety of events this month, including some big releases, like the first appearance of the Eevee evolution Sylveon!