Pokemon GO News: Updates for the Easter Event

It's time again to speak about the next Pokemon GO event, here focusing on the upcoming (not yet official) Easter event both inside and outside the USA. This event has been a long time coming – Pokemon Eggs have just been BEGGING to see a special event they can call their own. With Easter well on the way, it's time to discuss strategies for users preparing to make the most of their eggy adventures at break-time.

Why Easter?

As it has been in the past, so it shall be in the future. Niantic is no stranger to taking advantage of the smallest of school breaks. Young folks all around the world – mostly in the United States, but still – are given between 1-3 days off from school on and around the Easter holiday.

As such, we can expect the event taking place during Easter to span between 3 and 7 days. Of course we've never seen a Pokemon GO event last less than a week, so there's no reason to expect that to happen any time soon. During the event, it's been suggested to us by our anonymous source with information on the subject, we'll see the same egg distances, but Pokemon Candy rewards doubled.

For a Pokemon hatching from an egg, that can be a massive reward. Think of it as eating a Pinap Berry constantly, just waiting for eggs to hatch. That's not a bad strategy for this time of year – but with a Lucky Egg instead of a berry (which is to be used during battle, anyway).

Strategy Before Easter

To make the most of Easter, it is now – starting whenever this article is read – time to start walking some big eggs. Track how far you generally walk in a week and time your eggs so they'll hatch on Sunday, the 16th of April, 2017. That'll be right on Easter, the most likely place where egg hatches will count for more than their normal amount of reward.

Those users that make the most of Pokemon Gym locations – it's probably a good time to wait on buying Incubators. As we recently saw with Pokemon storage going down to 1/2 of their normal cost, Niantic is willing to temporarily affect their in-game store. Easter will be an excellent time to cut the costs of Egg Incubators for Pokemon Trainers everywhere.

At this point in the most modern list of Pokemon GO egg hatchings, the level 10km eggs have all "adult" Pokemon. Most "baby" Pokemon, like Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, ad Pichu come from 2km eggs. Meanwhile 5km eggs have a massive number of odd in-betweens, plus Magby, Smoochum, Tyrogue, and Elekid.

The worst any trainer is going to do with a 10km egg is a Mantine, Sudowoodo, or Glidar. The best – or just rarest – Pokemon available in 10km eggs are Chansey, Lapras, and Snorlax. You can also find oddities here like Larvitar, Mareep, Pineco, and Skarmory.

The rarest Pokmon to be found in 5km eggs is Porygon, then Lickitung and Scyther. It's important to note that rarity is based on how often these Pokemon appear outside eggs – inside eggs, there's a far better chance of finding them amongst the other Pokemon in their same egg level.


Between now and Easter, we should expect one whole heck of a lot of tweaks. With 80+ Pokemon appearing this late Winter, there's more work to be done behind the scenes. SlashGear will continue to keep track of changes that go on in the code while we barrel toward the next Pokemon Event.

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