Pokemon GO News: the Unlimited Coins Gym Exploit

Today we'll be discussing the infinite coin Gym Exploit in Pokemon GO, and how it affects the world at large. First – like most cheats in Pokemon GO – this isn't having a giant effect of most players. It's just the most hardcore players that are benefitting from this bit of an exploit – and even they need to do some work to get it in gear.

The exploit is a two-part process, and it requires that the user be able and willing to change the time zone on their smartphone. This apparently works for both Android and iOS. The way we begin is to get at least one Pokemon in a Gym as a defender.

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Once one Pokemon is a defender, the user should check the time. At this point, the user will be about to "cheat" the game, so watch out – this could very well result in a permanent ban. The same player logs out of their account and logs back in with an account that's assigned to any other of the three teams in the game.

That player then knocks the first Pokemon out of the gym. This user then logs out and logs back in to their original account. They'll have coins waiting as a reward for having placed a Pokemon in a gym. At this point, the player would have a limit to the number of coins they could get this way.

BUT – if that player goes into their smartphone's settings and changes the time to a different time zone, things get screwy. First they'll need to close Pokemon GO – pressing the back button enough times to get the game completely closed. Then change the time zone, then open the game back up. At this point, the process can be repeated as many times as the player wishes.

This works because – for some reason – the coin limit resets itself when the player crosses over into a new time zone. The game resets the timer not 24 hours since the last limit was reached, but daily, simply.

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