Pokemon GO: Mew code in game

Since Pokemon GO launched with the first 250 monsters, trainers across the planet have anticipated the launch of Mew. The first official teaser for the game – after the April Fools Day joke – showed Mewtwo, so surely the game would also contain a Mew. Today we're having a peek at what it'll take for Niantic to release this super duper legendary Pokemon into the wild.

Mewtwo came one year and a couple months after the game was first release. The release took place in September of 2017, and one release in Japan brought the monster forth. In our how to get Mewtwo raid invites article we explained the lengths some users took to get such a beast.

In all Pokemon games, Mewtwo seems to herald the coming of Mew – but it's not always so. Mew's appearance is so extremely rare that, though it did appear in the first US-bound Pokemon games, it wasn't legitimately available to the vast majority of the game's players. Mew was only legitimately available in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow through a Nintendo Power contest and in Pokemon mall tours.

Here in 2018, we've got a very similar situation on our hands in Pokemon GO. Mew is in the game's code, but not released in the game officially. Mew was always in the code for Pokemon Yellow, Red, and Blue, but wasn't officially available through anything but Nintendo events and contests. We're expecting something very similar from Niantic in 2018.

Both Mew and Celebi are in the same boat. Both Pokemon are their respective most-rare and most-cute Pokemon for different generations. Both have the same code structure in Pokemon GO, as well. The most important bit of code they share is the missing number beside "Capture Rate."

In the past, when we see a Pokemon in the code for Niantic's Pokemon GO without a Capture Rate, we can assume one thing. That Pokemon is not available in the wild. In this case, Mew and Celebi also share the missing Capture Rate with Pokemon that are only available in eggs or as evolved versions of Pokemon available in the wild.

When Mew arrives – when they switch Mew to ON in the game that is – you're going to flip over yourself trying to get one. Or two. Or a few. Each Mew will be unique, as this is the most diverse Pokemon in the game when it comes to possible moves.

Mew can get any of the following Charge Moves:

Earthquake (rock)

Psychic (psychic)

Thunder (electric)

Fire Blast (fire)

Focus Blast (fighting)

Blizzard (ice)

Hyper Beam (regular)

Solar Beam (grass)

Dragon Pulse (legacy dragon)

Hurricane (legacy flying)

Moonblast (legacy fairy)

All Mew will look the same, save the occasional shiny Mew. Those will be in the game too, albeit not at the same time as the initial Mew release. Cross your fingers Niantic gets their ducks in a row this year for the most beautiful monsters yet!