Pokemon GO lag: Yes, it's going slower today

This week Pokemon GO is going a lot slower than normal, and Niantic knows it. Niantic's acknowledged the new speed of Pokemon GO in a note on September 22, 2020, entitled "Increased latency in Pokemon GO." This note suggests Niantic is looking into the matter "particularly on app version 0.187."

The note this week suggested (at the time at which this article was set to go live) that the issue status remained "investigating." Niantic suggested that Pokemon GO could be affected by this latency in several areas. "This can affect came experience in Raid Battles, GO Battle League, and other features."

Once it's time for GO Battle Night, we'll have two issues with which we'll need to deal. One is the lag, obviously – the other is time zone. Niantic's announcement for this flying cup suggests that certain time zones will be matched only with those players living in said zone.

This format for Go Battle Night is fine for most players, assuming they live in a region in which there are enough players to battle for the duration of their event. As pointed out by Silph Road user UmbraDei this morning, certain players will have a significantly lowered chance of achieving a full 100x matches in their allotted time – if that is, indeed, their goal.

At the same time, it's likely that the Flying Cup won't be the only league open during the event. Great League will also be open – as far as we've been able to tell – so it's possible the number of people participating in said Flying Cup will be smaller than it would have been had Niantic limited the GBL event to that one cup.

Lag in-game and time zone limitations for the next limited event suggest we're in for a wild ride for the next short while. Cross your fingers this is all figured out before said Flying Cup begins!