Pokemon GO Kalos release is live - catch ALL the Fletchling

As of today, the Kalos region is live in Pokemon GO. Not the ENTIRE Kalos region, of course – that'd be absolute madness. Instead, just as it was with each region release in the past, the Kalos region will be released bit by bit. This first event includes 16 individual Pokemon that you'll be able to catch or evolve – easy as can be until Decmeber 8, 2020.

The first event for the Kalos region in Pokemon GO is live, right now. If you're reading this on December 2, 2020, you'll find one whole heck of a lot of Kalos region Pokemon in Pokemon GO right this minute. From today until December 8, 2020, a set of Kalos region Pokemon will appear with "an increased chance of encounter" – more than usual, anyway.

Included in the mix are Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, of course. Those are the standard Starter Pokemon for this region – as such, it's only appropriate that we see them in the first wave of Pokemon for Kalos in Pokemon GO. As Chespin is released, so too are Quilladin and Chesnaught activated in the game. You can evolve Chespin in to Quilladin, and Quilladin into Chesnaught.

If you catch a Fennekin, you can evolve said Pokemon into a Braixen, and a Braixen into a Delphox. Then there's the most exciting set of water Pokemon in the TV series-watching world – Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja. We're looking forward to Greninja the most – with Water Shuriken!

If you're particularly lucky, you'll find the Pokemon called Litleo, a Lion Cub Pokemon with Fire abilities. This Pokemon evolves into the monstrous Pyroar.

This event also releases Bunnelby and Diggersby, the bunnies with the biggest ears. Released as of today are the birds Fletchling, Fletchinder, and Talonflame – flames the likes of which you've only otherwise seen with a Moltres, the Fire Chicken!

Fletchling is going to be one of the most common Pokemon of the bunch, but catching a whole bunch in order to evolve IS worth the effort. Fletchling, evolved to Fletchinder, then Talonflame, becomes a formitable beast. Base stamina for Talonflame is 186, base attack 176, and base defense is 155. You'll get one of three fast attacks: Peck, Fire SPin, or Steel Wing, and one of four charged attacks. Charged attacks are Brave Bird, Fire Blast, Flame Charge, and the always excellent Hurricane!

Once this event is over, you'll find these Kalos region Pokemon still active in the game, but far less common than they are this week. Also note – it's not likely that you'll see any Shiny Pokemon in this Kalos set this week. The Shiny release of any Pokemon is specific to an event about said Pokemon – this is just about the first wave!