Pokemon GO Inkay evolution in focus: Psychic Spectacular

The Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular is ready to roll and Inkay is the hero of the day. Beween the 8th of September and September 13, Pokemon GO will focus on Psychic Type Pokemon, including Timed Research (with Psychic rewards), Psychic-type Pokemon in raid battles, and Field Research with Woobat and Inkay encounters as rewards.

Each day you'll be able to guarantee yourself an encounter with Inkay by taking a snapshot with your Pokemon GO camera. This weird squid thing will photobomb your snap and you'll find it spawn near you once you've left the camera interface. This should bring you one step closer to evolving the creature into MALAMAR!

Inkay evolves into Malamar in an entirely unique way – unique so far, that is, to Pokemon GO. You'll need 50 Inkay Candy PLUS you'll need to hold your smartphone upside down! That's about the best use of the platform for this game since augmented reality with back-facing cameras!

NOTE: If you have battery saver turned ON, your screen may turn black if you turn your device upside-down. Make sure to turn battery saver OFF before you attempt to evolve Inkay. This squid cannot evolve when there aren't any buttons to tap!

To turn Battery Saver OFF, Tap your Pokeball (center bottom), then the gear (upper right-hand corner) to access settings. In settings, find the option "Battery Saver" and make sure the box is not checked. After you evolve Inkay in to Malamar, turn that battery saver back on!

This event includes the next phase of the Hoopa Season of Mischief, as well as new Gift stickers featuring Psycic type Pokemon. While you might not ever pay attention to stickers in the game, these stickers are extra-cute, if we do say so ourselves.

In the wild you'll find Gothita, Solosis, Elgyem, and Inkay, none of which have the potential to be Shiny Pokemon. The Pokemon that'll spawn in the wild during this event that have the potential to be Shiny Pokemon include the following list:

Wild spawn Shiny Pokemon this week:

• Woobat

• Baltoy

• Drowzee

• Slowpoke


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