Pokemon GO Halloween leaks are here again!

Chris Burns - Sep 19, 2019, 2:44 pm CDT
Pokemon GO Halloween leaks are here again!

It’s that time of year again in Pokemon GO! It’s time to look at what Niantic’s got in the works for their most spooky holiday celebration in October. Much like previous years, this Halloween won’t necessarily be called “Halloween” in the game – but it’ll be no less dark because of it. This year we’ve got word that Halloween will release one of Pokemon GO’s most disturbingly dark monsters of all.

Much like previous autumn harvest events, Niantic’s discussed including 2x Pokemon Candy for each different Pokemon Candy-rewarding sort of action. That includes Pokemon capture, Pokemon Egg hatching, and transfers too. This event will also include halved requirements for Buddy Candy. What better holiday than this than to give Pokemon Candy a big sugary kick into overdrive?

Remember that time when, just before the release of Gen V, aka Gen 5, Unova Region, in Pokemon GO, when we’d interpreted Niantic’s teasing about Yanmask to mean it’d be released with the first wave of Generation 5 Pokemon on the 16th of September? That was the wrong instinct!

Or at least it didn’t turn out to be that which Niantic decided to go and do. Instead, this horrifying mask-toting Pokemon will be released into the wild – and quite likely in Shiny Pokemon form – near the end of October, 2019. According to sources familiar with the subject matter who wish to remain anonymous, Niantic’s plans are to release at least Yanmask (and it’s evolution Cofagrigus), if not a few other Dark/Ghost Pokemon just in time for Halloween.

Planned releases for Halloween:
• Yanmask
• Cofagrigus
• Purrloin
• Liepard
• Zorua
• Zoroark

It’d be a real treat to see all three of these Pokemon lines released at once (and Shiny too!) but there’s a distinct possibility Niantic will spread this release schedule out a bit. There are already a whole BUNCH of Ghost, Dark, and Halloween-friendly Pokemon released in the game in Generations 1-4. As such, we expect all manner of Ghost and/or Dark Pokemon to appear more frequently during the duration of the event.

Also, as it is with this sort of behind-the-scenes insight, there’s always a chance that Niantic may completely scrap current plans and go with something completely different by the time Halloween rolls up. Keep your eyes on the prize and start collecting Pokeballs now, regardless. Halloween’s been pretty much the best in-game event in Pokemon GO every year since the beginning!

This event will likely start either October 18 or October 25, 2019. The end date is most likely November 4, giving you either 1 or 2 weeks to capture all the ghosts you can. That includes either 2 or 3 weekends in which to make this holiday your most Pokemon-injected of all time!

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