Pokemon GO Halloween 2018: Legendary Mythical Meltan, Double Candy

Pokemon GO Halloween 2018 is nearly upon us, and today we're taking a peek at what's about to roll out. This year's event will come after the current madness that is Meltan. That's the Mythical (or is it Legendary?) Pokemon that's been appearing in Pokemon GO over the past week or so, always turning into Ditto whenever it was caught. This is easily one of the strangest tricks Niantic's played thus far on the Pokemon GO public, that's for certain.

Niantic revealed a new Pokemon (to the mobile Pokemon GO world, anyway) called Meltan, this week. This is a weirdo monster with a ditto-like goo-body, a gross-out tail, and a bolt for a head / eyeball. It's basically the most disturbing Pokemon since we first saw Mr Mime. Also this video makes things very confusing in the overall Pokemon universe – because of smartphones.

If what we're seeing in this video is true, people in the Pokemon universe can now catch Pokemon with their phone. They're able to play Pokemon GO, yet Pokemon exist in their real world, so... things are getting weird. Also it's pretty clear this Pokemon's real name should be Nutto, not Meltan.

NEW Legendary / Mythical Pokemon Stats:

Name: Meltan

Category: Hex Nut Pokémon

Height: 0'08"

Weight: 17.6 lbs.

Type: Steel

What is even happening in this world anymore when new Pokemon are based on ... what's left over in the junk drawer? We'll likely find our more about Meltan in Pokemon GO as it's activated (and doesn't just transform into Ditto) in the very near future. Also we'll see it pop up again in the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee that'll be released on November 16th, 2018.

Halloween 2018

This Halloween will be similar to last year's event. This year's event will begin (tentatively) on the 19th of October and will last until either Thursday the 1st of November (the day after Halloween) or Monday the 5th of November. Cross your fingers for the extended version.

Ghost type and Dark type Pokemon will appear throughout the event at higher rates than normal. At least one fancy (rare) Pikachu will appear. We MIGHT see the re-appearance of our favorite – witchy hat Pikachu! Be sure to pull out your Mimikyu Disguise Hat, too – there might be a new one to join in on the fun.

This event will contain Double Candy for Pokemon egg hatching, capture, transfers, and Buddy Walking. There'll be Special Boxes available in the in-game store with Raid Passes, Super Incubators, and the like.

All of the information on this Halloween (read: Fall, Autumn, whatever) event comes from anonymous sources with information on the subject. AND as always, all of these features are in the mix – but not yet finalized. Don't be shocked if things change before Niantic announces this Halloween event officially!

Stick around as we get in deep with the Pokemon GO universe in the very near future. Things are about to get LIT once again as Pokemon Let's GO is released into the wild. New Pokemon, new game mechanics, and new sorts of updates on the way!