Pokemon GO Halloween event: Shiny new developments!

This afternoon it became evident that we'd not seen the end of the surprises during this Pokemon GO event! During the week of Halloween (and the week before that, starting in the morning of the 21st,) we've been in the midst of this magical happening. Just this afternoon we caught wind of a new Pokemon!

As you'll see in the video below, the newest shiny Pokemon is none other than Duskull! The first Duskull found in its shiny skin was found at 10:46 PM on the 26th of October, 2017. If anyone else found one first, by all means let us know!

This is the second shiny Pokemon to appear in this event – the first was Sableye. We'd originally suspected that Niantic might release one, perhaps two of these Pokemon in their Shiny skins, but now it appears that they might release the whole bunch!

This of course means that we'll see three different Pokemon out in the wild with a potential for appearing with super rare shiny skin. This is because of the 5 Pokemon appearing in the game that've not appeared before, two are evolutions of two others.

• Shuppet – Banette

• Sableye (SHINY)

• Duskull – Dusclops (SHINY)

This means that the Duskull found in the video above by Reddit user Devreugkx. This user found said Pokemon in The Netherlands – but we'd not be surprised to find Shiny Duskull appearing all around the world from this point on. Technically Shiny Pikachu is still out there, and Magikarp too – but we've not seen one of either for a while.

Also note – there's a Pikachu out during this event, one wearing a fabulous Witch hat. This Pokemon does NOT have a shiny edition in the game just yet. The rest of the five new Pokemon from Gen 3's Hoenn region all have shiny editions in the code. Release for these Pokemon has not yet been made official by Niantic – they're all secret!