Pokemon GO Grass Event Start Time And Shiny Eevee

The next Pokemon GO in-game event has been detailed – just in time for what'll be one of the first t-shirt-weather weekends of the year for many players up north. Just as predicted by sources such as *cough* SlashGear *cough* earlier today, it's just the right time for another Pokemon GO event. Now that we've seen a behind-the-scenes update, it's time for the big show – grass style.

According to the Pokemon GO team at Niantic, this is all happening because of Professor Willow. "Professor Willow's research into Pokémon habitats around the world has uncovered some interesting findings," said Niantic. "His initial reports indicate that we'll see an influx of Grass-type Pokémon sometime this weekend."

The report goes on to suggest that the event will begin in the afternoon on the 5th of May – that's tomorrow! The event will then continue through the end of the day on May 7th. The event will end on May 8th, 2017 "PDT". We can assume that means midnight Pacific time, as it were.

Grass type Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

• Bulbasaur

• • Ivysaur

• • • Venusaur

• Oddish

• • Gloom

• • • Vileplume

• Paras

• • Parasect

• Caterpie

• • Metapod

• • • Butterfree

• Bellsprout

• • Weepinbell

• • • Victreebel

• Exeggcute

• • Exeggutor

• Tangela

• Chikorita

• • Bayleef

• • • Meganium

• Hoppip

• • Skiploom

• • • Jumpluff

• Sunkern

While it's possible that both Sunflora and Bellossom will be released into the wild for this event only, it's not likely. Instead, users will need to use their Sun Stone to evolve either Sunkern or Gloom into Sunflora or Bellossom. There's also a rumor that this event will unveil the next Shiny Pokemon.

Our money is on Paras, Caterpie, or Eevee. For Paras – because it's the only Pokemon in the bunch of Grass Types that'll likely be in this bunch that has only one evolution. For Caterpie – because it's the most tiny and pathetic Pokemon in the collection, just like Magikarp was for the last sort-of event.

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For Eevee, there's a bit different reason why it's possible we'll see the Shiny. It's POSSIBLE because Niantic has provided us with a set of press materials that includes a Photoshop file of Eevee. In that Photoshop file, there's a layer with Hue/Saturation options. Without the options on, the Eevee looks a little more washed out.

The true "Shiny" Eevee should by all means look like the third option, which we've created by tweaking the hue with the file provided by Niantic. Gray is the way it should be – or silvery. Then we'd get to witness all 5 Shiny evolutions of Eevee too – which would be bonkers, of course.