Pokemon GO Giratina and Easter event's newest Shiny Pokemon

The best Pokemon GO Pokemon in the game are the ones about to be released – as it always is. This week the hype surrounds Giratina, a Pokemon that's been released back into the Pokemon GO universe like a monster version of the centipedes that are coming back to basements everywhere – because Spring is about to be sprung!

A new set of Shiny Pokemon are on the way thanks to Easter 2019, including a couple of bunny rabbits. That's SHINY EASTER BUNNIES, thank you very much. Think Shiny Buneary and Shiny Lopunny, both appearing starting on April 16th, 2019. Also coming this month are Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence, and Latios, all shiny. The first three there are coming on April 13th, then Latios (Legendary Latios!) is set to appear in its Shiny form starting on the 15th.

You might've already noticed a few other Shiny Pokemon that've appeared earlier this month. On the 2nd of April, 2019, both Shiny Scyther and Shiny Scizor were released in their most alternate of forms. Back in March and we saw a Shiny Lunatone and Solrock on the 19th – but only in a few select areas around the world. We'll expect a wider release soon.

On March 23rd Niantic revealed Shiny Treeko, Shiny Grovyle, and Shiny Sceptile. That was during Community Day – and we'll be seeing more plant-type Pokemon in the Shiny bin before Summer arrives, just you wait!

If you've never seen even one Shiny Pokemon since the start of the Shiny madness – with Magikarp – you're not alone. Now that a new wave of players are coming to the game – or back to the game – with the latest promotions for the game, you'll likely see more Shiny Pokemon showing up on social media streams. That doesn't mean they're more common, it just means that more people are trying their odds.

The odds of seeing a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO is likely around 1 in 450. The true probability is not known by anyone other than the keymasters at Niantic – and they're locked away in a room somewhere, cutting keys, speaking with nobody about any odds whatsoever!

Giratina returns to Pokemon GO raids this week, and with it comes the beatdown! This beast was originally released at the Pokemon GO 2018 Halloween event, and is a Generation 4 Legendary Pokemon. This Pokemon is Ghost Type and Dragon Type, and you'll want to pick from the following types (against which Giratina is weak): Dark, Ghost, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice.

Avoid Bug, Fighting, Normal, Poison, Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water types – so basically MOST of your Pokemon. This multi-legged monster has a WHOLE lot of "effective against" powers in the mix. Some of the most effective Pokemon you can use against Giratina are Drapion, Froslass, and Fan Rotom.