Pokemon GO get Froakie right now - Greninja in the wings

This week the first wave of Kalos region Pokemon appeared in Pokemon GO. A special event was announced, and a limited set of Kalos region Pokemon were released with high spawn rates – and that includes Froakie. Froakie has quickly become the most HYPE Pokemon to catch, not least of all because of this monster's ability to evolve into Frogadier, then to the always awesome Greninja.

If you're planning on adding a Greninja to your team in Pokemon GO, now is the abolute best time to do so. In the near future, Froakie will become significantly less common. From the start of this event (on December 2), until December 11, 2020, the first set of Kalos region Pokemon will be far more common than they'll ever be again – barring a special event for any one particular member of this first Kalos crew.

To find Froakie, you'll want to drop in to the most watery of biomes in your nearby area. Barring that, you'll want to make sure you're paying attention to nearby spawns whenever it rains or generally storms outside.

Froakie's ultimate evolution, Greninja, is an absolute beast. Assuming you're looking to roll with the best Greninja, the best moves are Bubble (quick move) and Surf (charged move / main move). Greninja also has a Feint Attack dark type move that can appear as its quick move, and the potential to have access to several other main moves. You could get the dark move Night Slash, the water move Hydro Pump, or the flying move Arial Ace.

If you're looking for the highest Damage Per Second, both Feint Attack and Bubble are decent – Feint Attack is above 13, while Bubble rings in at 12. Arial Ace is the least appealing main move as it does not benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, resulting in a DPS of 22.9. Night Slash has a DPS of just over 27, while both Surf and Hydro Pump are over 45.

The maximum CP of a top-tier Greninja is 2654. The maximum CP of a wild encounter Greninja is 2275 – though the chances of seeing one in the wild are astronomical. BUT, again, if you're looking to attain a Greninja in Pokemon GO, the time is NOW! Collect all the Froakie you can find and get that candy!