Pokemon GO Gen 2 evolutions and candy tips detailed

New Pokemon are on the way with the second wave of Pokemon GO, the first big update to the game since the beginning. At this time the Pokemon GO universe only includes the first 150 (actually a few less than that for various reasons). In the very near future, we'll be seeing more than 100 additional Pokemon including a couple more Eevee evolutions for those Eevee super-fans amongst us. Most of these new Pokemon will be coming from the Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold universe – that's the Johto region, and the first place Ash goes after he's done with Kanto!

Our previous guide included some very large images and a rather glaring mistake. We've rectified that guide, but also have the opportunity here to make things even more clear than they were before. Today we're going to run down a big list of Pokemon that trainers should expect to need in order to get the newer Pokemon in a few short weeks' time.

The key to getting these new Pokemon isn't always searching in regions where they might pop up. Many Pokemon that are already able to be captured – and are likely in your Pokedex right now – evolve into the next Pokemon in Gen 2. There are also a number of Pokemon coming that are pre-evolutions of already-released Pokemon.

Pichu -> Pikachu -> Raichu

Cleffa -> Clefable -> Clefairy

Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff

Tyrogue -> Hitmonchan OR Hitmonlee OR Hitmontop

Smoochum -> Jynx

Elekid -> Electabuzz

Magby -> Magmar

Highlighted Pokemon will be the new keys to the kingdom. We don't expect the Pokemon already released to get any more powerful. However, finding a high-level pre-evolution to evolve into their evolved forms will show potential to push their power to their limits. Each of these pre-evolved forms of Pokemon in Gen 2 is also exceedingly cute, so you'll quite likely want to catch 'em all all over again.

Here's where the collecting of candies in the pre-update game comes in handy. The new evolutions of Pokemon already released means an opportunity for quick apprehension. Day 1 of the update, trainers will be able to evolve old Pokemon into their new, evolved forms.

Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat

Onix -> Steelix

Scyther -> Scizor

Horsea -> Seadra -> Kingdra

Porygon -> Porygon2

Chansey -> Blissey

The lowest evolutionary form of any Pokemon will be the easiest to collect – here that's sort of a moot point. Most of these Pokemon that'll have evolved forms are already relatively rare. If you have any of these Pokemon now, now might be the time to attach them to your belt as a Buddy Pokemon to find candy.

Some Pokemon will have split evolutions. This means that while they had evolved forms before, they'll also have alternate evolved forms. Think of it as Eevee's evolution situation, but for a number of different monsters that aren't Eevee.

• Oddish -> Gloom -> Bellossom OR Vileplume

• Poliwag -> Poliwhirl -> Politoed OR Poliwrath

• Eevee -> Umbreon OR Espeon OR Jolteon OR Flareon OR Vaporeon

• Slowpoke -> Slowking OR Slowbro

Here I've highlighted the Pokemon that are coming soon rather than those we'll want to collect before the release of Gen 2. Oddish, Poliwag, Eevee, and Slowpoke might not be Pokemon that are extremely popular to collect at the moment for those that already have their evolved forms. That'll be about to change in the very near future.

The Generation 2 update has been tipped to us to be coming either around Christmas week or sometime inside January. It'd be an ideal time to do it at the holiday season break that most young people have here in the USA, but it could take a bit longer to make the full push. Stick around SlashGear's Pokemon GO Twitter portal for more tips, rumors, and secrets of all sorts.