Pokemon GO free remote raid pass just released

Chris Burns - Oct 6, 2020, 10:12am CDT
Pokemon GO free remote raid pass just released

Starting today, Niantic will allow users to attain a single free Remote Raid Pass in Pokemon GO. This release requires that the user have 3 or fewer Remote Raid Passes in their bag before they attempt to get another. It also requires that they know where to look in the in-game store for this first of several free Remote Raid Pass releases.

In the in-game store in Pokemon GO, today you’ll find a single free Remote Raid Pass. If you do not see this single pass, it’s likely because you need to have three or fewer Remote Raid Passes in your inventory before you attempt to get another. Use one, then head back to the store and see.

This release may also require that you have the latest iteration of the Pokemon GO app. Head to your Apple app store or your Google Play app store to check to make sure that no “UPDATE” button is visible. If you see the Update button, tap it, wait for the download to complete, then head back into Pokemon GO, and open the in-app store.

The Remote Raid Pass in the store says “ONE TIME ONLY” because this will not be a continuing sort of release. There will, incidentally, be several Remote Raid Pass releases (for free) in the next few weeks, but the same rules apply then as they do now. Make sure you’ve got the latest update for the app, and make sure you’re not carrying too many Remote Raid Passes at once!

Take a peek in the timeline below for the rest of the October updates for Pokemon GO, too! Lots of updates have rolled out and will continue to roll out in the next several weeks. This is the spookiest month of the year, and our favorite for Pokemon GO!

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