Pokemon GO free box released (incense, remote raid passes)

Pokemon GO has a new "GO FEST" gift box in the in-game shop right this minute, for SOME players. If you play Pokemon GO in APAC, you'll find this gift box if you ALSO had a ticket to the official Pokemon GO Fest Makeup Event. This event was meant to take place on Sunday, August 23, 2020, from 11AM to 2PM.

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, there was a Pokemon GO Fest Makeup Event for players in Asia Pacific in places like Australia and New Zealand. This event took place in time zones from UTC+7 to UTC+14, on Sunday only. So this is DONE, but you might well still be able to benefit from the event's contents.

If you purchased a Pokemon GO Fest ticket for the year 2020 and live in one of those areas mentioned above, you got a bit of a mess delivered to you during the initial summer event. Pokemon didn't spawn correctly, bonuses didn't roll out as they should've, and other oddities. The makeup event sorta... made up for all that.

Over the weekend we also saw a new GO Fest gift box. This gift box was meant to appear only for those Pokemon GO ticket holders in the APAC area, but reports appeared from several regions around the world that this box went a bit beyond its intended borders.

It may've been only players that were IN APAC earlier this summer and traveled beyond those borders now that've seen this box, but it could also be that Niantic's just cast the net a bit beyond the standard APAC area.

In any case, it won't hurt to head into the Pokemon GO in-game shop and check to see if a box awaits you. This box should be BLUE, right up at the top of the list, for free, in the FREE area. If you do not see the box just below your Pokecoin readout, you won't likely see the box at all.

If you DO get the box, you'll find that it contains 2 incense and 2 remote raid passes. Both are worth the couple of moments it takes to check – go for it!