Pokemon GO Fest ticket sales price, no Pokecoins

Tickets to Pokemon GO Fest are live, as of the morning of June 15, 2020. This event will include a $14.99 USD price tag (plus applicable taxes and fees) in order to get a virtual ticket to play in Pokemon GO Fest 2020. This event's tickets cannot be purchased with PokeCoins – partially because Niantic plans on donating proceeds from GO Fest ticket sales (at least $5 million) to good causes.

Donated funds

Half of the donated funds from Niantic from GO Fest tickets will go to "Black gaming and AR creators that can live on the Niantic platform, with the goal of increasing content that represents a more diverse view of the world." Niantic suggested that the other half of the proceeds will be donated to US nonprofit organizations that are "helping local communities rebuild."

Day 1 and Day 2 activate!

On Day 1, Saturday, July 25, from 10AM until 8PM local time, several things will happen for ticket holders. You'll see a Special Research story that you can "get only on Day 1." There'll be a Global Challenge Arena where there'll be a new challenge "each hour", after which there'll be "a bonus for the remainder of the hour."

During the event there'll be "five rotating habitats" with five different themes: Fire, Water, Grass, Battle, Friendship. Habitats will rotate every hour. This doesn't just mean that you'll see Fire Type Pokemon, each habitat has its own set of features – we'll see more on that soon!

Both Day 1 and Day 2 will allow trainers the ability to "encounter over 75 species of Pokemon in the wild, in raids, and by completing Special Research tasks." Day 2 will include "...something very different!"

Per Niantic, "we want the Day 2 experience to be a surprise, so ticket holders will learn what we have in store that very day." Niantic also said that there'll be another new Special Research story that day.

Tickets live in-effect

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 should appear in your Pokemon GO app's in-app shop. There, you'll find a one-time fee of $14.99 (or thereabouts) with no option for Pokecoins. You've gotta use "real" money, this time. Once a user taps the buy button, a pop-up will appear indicating that a ticket's been purchased.

Once a ticket has been purchased, you'll find said ticket in your in-app Item Bag. In the days leading up to the event, you'll get a special Medal to add to your ever-growing Medal collection. Then, on July 25 at 10AM local time, the fun begins – we'll let you know more about the event's secrets as we advance toward the date!