Pokemon GO Fest email 2019: When, and how shiny?

In Pokemon GO, it's time to take stock of what we've gotten during the Easter event, shiny and egg-hatched, and to look forward to the emails. Those precious, precious confirmation emails sent by Niantic to tell users that they will, yes indeed, be going to Pokemon GO Fest in their area. Pokemon GO Fest will be taking place in THREE locations during THREE spans of dates this year, so we're watching the gamut!

Pokemon GO Fests 2019

The Pokemon GO Fest Chicago is first, and the official Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Chicago ticket lottery has thusly begun. This event will take place over the span of four days, Thursday, June 13th through Sunday, June 16th. What's particularly odd about this date range is the fact that each of the four days will have the same event... effectively.

You'll find "the same enhanced experience" on each of the four days. If you attend all four days, you'll not find anything super excitingly new – unless you consider the difference in Pokemon fan crowds to be a feature worth attempting to experience. But Niantic's aim is clear. They want to get as many different people in on the Pokemon GO Fest 2019 fun as possible.

Signup Process

The signup process for Pokemon GO Fest 2019 Chicago includes an application through the Pokemon GO app. Emails will be sent to winners of a ticket lottery. If you find yourself the lucky recipient of a confirmation email, you'll be able to purchase several tickets.

Restrictions apply to the tickets, of course. Each ticket you purchase must be attached to a Pokemon GO account. Each Pokemon GO account for which you purchase a ticket must have reached the "Great Friends" milestone with you, the buyer of the ticket.

If you want to bring your grandmother, and your grandmother isn't yet your Great Friend, too bad! If your grandmother doesn't play Pokemon GO, double-too-bad! You'll be able to purchase up to four tickets, but all four need to be assigned to actual real-life Pokemon GO Trainer accounts.

Ticket Prices and release

Tickets will be put on sale in "mid-May" if all goes according to plan. At that time, lottery winners will be able to purchase tickets from two tiers. There's a General ticket tier and an Early Access ticket tier. It's not entirely clear why you'd want to be at the event earlier than everyone else, but... it'll cost you $10 extra.

General admission is $25 USD and you'll be allowed in the event at 11AM local time until 7PM. Early Access tickets will cost $35 USD and will allow you to get in on the event starting at 9AM local time (until 7PM).

When will we see emails?

Pokemon GO Fest emails for the Chicago event will be sent inside the next couple weeks, inside May 2019. Obviously the emails can't be sent AFTER the tickets are put up for sale – so it wouldn't be a shock to see emails sent before the 15th of May, more than likely.

Shiny Pokemon too?

If you're not part of the event – if you weren't amongst the chosen ones – do not fret! Niantic suggested that "many Pokemon featured in Pokemon GO Fest habitats will be appearing all around the world on June 13th – June 16th". So maybe just skip the ticket part if you're not going for any reason other than the exclusive shiny Pokemon and/or special limited edition hat Pikachu and such. Cross your fingers for a Mimiku