Pokemon GO Fest code leak shows major fan favorite Mythical release

Intrepid seekers of future data looked at codes delivered with the latest version of Pokemon GO this week and found some secrets. Early peeks at updates to the game can be found if a person knows where to look – and this week's update to the game included a DOOZY of a leak as such. At this point we're going to issue a SPOILER ALERT for those of you who wish to remain excited and surprised by what's coming next.

If you're ready to be surprised, but want to wait until the event takes place, turn back now! We're looking at a sneak peek of the game that'll have its most major in-game event this weekend, complete with a reveal of a Mythical Pokemon that's not yet appeared in the game in any form.

The Pokemon found by Pokeminers on The Silph Road is none other than Hoopa! Are you surprised? This is the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa, the same Hoopa that had his own Pokemon movie special release. This is the Pokemon whose powers seemed so impossibly top-tier that we thought there was no way he'd be entering the realm of Pokemon GO – but hey! There he is!

Per leaked dialogue from the game, Professor Willow says – or will say – "I was just out on a stroll and witnessed the most incredible sight. Several rings had appeared in the sky, and as I stared up at them, something truly remarkable occurred." Willow goes on to say, "Legendary Pokémon began emerging from the rings as if by magic!"

Unfortunately, it would appear that Hoopa will not actually be available to capture DURING the event. It's been suggested by the folks at GO Stadium (as shown in the Tweet below) that while Hoopa will appear at GO Fest 2021, he will not be able to be caught. It's very likely that Hoopa will play a role similar to the movie, releasing Legendary Pokemon for players to battle. We're talking wild and generally super-rare Pokemon up in Raid Battles aplenty!

Yes, Ben, it's not Hoopaning. On the positive side of the situation, it would appear that Niantic remains confident that trainers will one day be able to catch Hoopa, somehow or another. Text in the game suggests that "it doesn't seem like Hoopa is in the area at the moment. Let's use this time to prepare to catch it, hm?"

The game also includes not-yet-used text that suggests that "You'll need your skills at their sharpest to catch Hoopa." It'll likely be a situation where GO Fest 2021 sets us up for another major event in the future, an event that'll bring Hoopa to trainer collections in a very real way. For now, it's all about the HOOPS.