Pokemon GO Fest City Activations: Are you on the list?

Niantic is ready to launch Pokemon GO Fest 2021, and with it, a series of City Launches. In-person events – without the same sort of requirements for gathering in relatively close quarters – will appear in a set of 22 cities in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States. To attend these special gatherings, you're encouraged to get a special "Niantic Live Events" ticket, which you can attain from Niantic's Event Ticketing page.

The Niantic Event Ticketing page suggests that users will need to sign in with their Pokemon GO account to get tickets to Niantic Live Events. In this latest iteration of the ticketing system, Niantic says there'll be two ways in which tickets to real-world Pokemon GO events will be distributed now and in the future. Some will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, while others will have random drawings "for a chance to purchase tickets."

For Pokemon GO Fest 2021, there'll be smaller-scale in-person experiences in 22 cities around the world. They'll all take place on ONE day: July 17, 2021, from 10AM to 6PM local time.

There'll be an event in the following cities in Europe and Asia-Pacific:

• Auckland, New Zealand

• Linz, Austria

• Dresden, Germany;

• Essen, Germany

• Hamburg, Germany

• Sevilla, Spain

• Paris, France

• Warsaw, Poland

• Bristol, U.K.

• Edinburgh, U.K.

• Liverpool, U.K.

• London, U.K.

In the USA, chosen cities include:

• San Francisco, California

• Denver, Colorada

• Atlanta, Georgia

• Chicago, Illinois

• Indianapolis, Indiana

• New York City, New York

• Seattle; Washington

• Nashville, Tennessee

• Austin, Texas

In a Mercury News interview with Niantic product marketing director Michael Steranka, it was suggested that this series will have a "much lighter touch" than in-person events of the past. "The intent is to create locations that players can attend," said Steranka.

In-person events on the 17th will have Niantic staff in each chosen city, mostly to assist with "real-life displays" that players will more than likely want to use for selfie photos. One example of this sort of real-life display is a Charizard wing attached to the side a building.

Niantic will not supply food trucks, bathrooms, merch booths, cell towers, or any other sort of assistance to Pokemon GO trainers. Instead, events are being centered in the business districts – downtown – in each of their chosen cities. Plenty of bathrooms and the potential for businesses to see a day of high traffic.

Do you plan on attending one of these city events? Will you be traveling to one of these centrally-located events for the potential bonuses and unique Pokemon they may spawn?