Pokemon GO Fest 2021 with Pikachu Rock Star and Pop Star

This week we're taking a peek at some new details released on Pokemon GO Fest 2021, specifically about the newest set of Pikachu monsters you'll be able to get during this event. If you're playing right now, you'll likely see some flying Pikachu around town, complete with a 5-shaped balloon. This is just one of a wild collection coming to the festival over the next few weeks!

Tickets required

If you're dropping in on Pokemon GO Fest 2021 on July 17th, you'll want to buy a ticket. Ticket holders will gain access to Special Research that'll allow you to pick Pikachu Rock Star with METEOR MASH (charged move.) You could also get a Pikachu Pop Star with DRAINING KISS (charged move.)

On July 17 you'll find Rock Star and Pop Star Pikachu appear in Snapshot images and in the wild based on your choices. Special Research on July 18th will deliver Flygon with EARTH POWER, and Gardevoir with SYNCHRONOISE. Both of these advanced Pokemon will also appear more often if you drop Incense.

Avatar items in the in-game shop will appear with a ticket – shirts with Whismur, Exploud, and Loudred-inspired patterns, new "face stickers", and a guitar case backpack. Those will still cost you extra – if you complete Special Research, you'll get a Meloetta Shirt for "free."

Tickets or no tickets

Pikachu will appear with a Meloetta-inspired hat! Event hours on Saturday and Sunday, the 17th and 18th of July, will deliver the Meloetta hat Pikachu to the public. This monster can be Shiny!

This event will also feature 1-star raids with potentially shiny Seino and fancy dress Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Zigzagoon. Both of these fancy dress Pokemon will also have the Meloetta hat! There'll also be 3-star raids with Galarian Weezing, Hitmontop, and Cranidos.

Stick around as we learn more about this event series and keep your eyes peeled for Pikachu. There'll be more fancy dress Pikachu out there with fancy hats and rock and pop and music outfits than you can shake a stick at!