Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Ultra Unlock: Time, Space, and more

This week the folks at Niantic released new information on Pokemon GO Fest 2021, including the Ultra Unlock. This system of unlocking bonuses will take place in what the company calls the "Global Challenge Arena", and only for "ticket holders" as such. It'll happen with a new collaborative challenge each hour during the event – if trainers complete each challenge, they'll get a bonus for the remainder of said hour.

Once all of the Global Challenge Arena Ultra Unlock challenges are unlocked, there'll be "bonuses that will occur after Pokemon GO Fest 2021. It's quite likely we'll see bonuses for those that do not hold tickets, too – wouldn't want to leave so very many people out of the party once they're no longer able to buy a ticket, after all.

Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time

Trainers will need to complete "a total of eight global challenges" in order to take part in Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time. Given the way these sorts of challenges have gone in the past, this shouldn't be an issue. Once Time is unlocked, "the flow of time till be disrupted!"

The bonus for this unlock will start on Friday, July 23, 2021, at 10AM local time. It'll run until Tuesday, August 3, at 8PM local time. The reward is that "Pokemon from various eras will be appearing more often."

Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space

If trainers move on to completing 16 global challenges, the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space reward will be unlocked. This reward will start on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 10AM local time to Tuesday, August 17 at 8PM local time. During this bonus, "Space itself will be distorted as Pokemon from various places appear!"

Ultra Unlock Part 3: ???

The third part of the challenge series has not yet been revealed. Niantic is being mysterious about this one, safe the requirements – trainers will need to complete a total of 24 global challenges during Pokemon GO Fest 2021. Part 3 of the series will start on Friday, August 20, 2021 at 10AM and will last until Tuesday, August 31, at 8PM local time, assuming it's achieved and unlocked.

We're thinking we're going to see our fair share of newly-released Pokemon, Pokemon that've not yet been available in Pokemon GO, and weird oddities. All the Unown and unknown Pokemon we can handle!